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Organizational Excellence and Change: Antioch Baptish Church

Organizational Excellence and Change

This study focuses on excellence and changes at Antioch Baptist Church. It seeks to establish the grounds with which the church exists and operates as a system and as an organization. This church is based in America with branches in Texas among other states. The most peculiar thing about this church is the large population that it has. There are many other extraordinary characteristics that the church has. Its programs are well elaborated and arranged in such a way that allows the worshipers access sermons at any time that they feel like doing so during the worship days. There are also two services within the weekday.

Content analysis

The church as a system

The systems theory holds the idea that a unit or organization is considered as a system if it has a number of separate parts synchronized and organized to work together in an orderly manner (Alpay, 2010). Systems theory is a school of thought that explains how organizations can smoothly operate within their systems. Ideally, the unit must be composed of a large number of separate but interdependent parts. The parts should be able to achieve a consolidated approach to organizational systems. Therefore, there should be an occurrence...


It is important to ensure that all that surrounds an organization falls into a particularly desirable order (Gentile, 2011).

At Antioch Baptist Church, there are several departments and sessions that are all meant to offer specific services to the faithful. The three most notable sessions include the prayer session, Sunday school lessons, and teaching series. Specific departments that are supposed to deliver on the expected mandate manage all these three sessions. In this case, the faithful are expected to cooperate with the leaders to ensure that the objectives are attained. An element of coordination is also seen in the manner in which the church leaders have divided their roles into specific areas that can be easily attained. The church management wishes to achieve this by using the personnel who have been placed to oversee each of the specified roles possible. It is also seen that the church has been witnessing a number of changes in strategies with the aim of gaining confidence from the followers. Other important aspects of religious activities taking place in the church serve to demonstrate the agenda of systems theory (Gentile, 2011).

The strengths of this organization

As a system, the church has managed to wield a number of advantages to itself associated with systems theory. This has been advantageous to the…

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