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teaching BSN program ADN level a graduate level nurse. Prepare online te

The topic for the online teaching session covered in this document is Evidence-Based Nursing: Transforming Clinical Practice. This is a prudent topic for individuals looking to pursue a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Nursing or an Associate Degree in Nursing, since in either case individuals will be looking to compete in a workplace environment that is increasingly looking to augment traditional techniques with evidence-based ones (Matthew and Aktan, 2014, p. 1). As the title of this topic suggests, evidence-based practices have the potential to actually revolutionize the way clinical practice is performed.

I would deliver the didactic content for this course in two different ways. The first would be via pre-recorded, online lectures. These lectures would be pre-recorded so that students could access them at their leisure (whether in the evening, daytime, or in the wee hours of the morning) and deliver some of the fundamental concepts related to evidence-based practice. These include why it is essential and how to conduct various forms of research studies that can be used to influence evidence-based practices and the inherent challenge in doing so (Wijenayake and Hookey, 2014). The second method for delivering didactic content would be through virtual handouts or pdf documents which students can access and read at their leisure. These would effectively function as 'homework' whereas the former would function as 'class work'. The former would provide salient examples of research studies that directly impact the way that clinical care is given.

The interactive activities that I would plan to promote student learning would involve the students completing writing assignments and posting them in a way that other students could see them. Interactivity would be assured by requiring students to comment on the posts of one another, by indicating what aspects of them are valuable and what parts of them actually need to be improved. This would be done with…

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