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technologies used in various industries. We will also explore the operations management procedures that are used in these industries. Let's begin with a look at IBM, which is part of the technology industry. IBM utilizes advanced technologies in many operational management procedures. According to the IBM website these technologies are particularly important to supply chain management. The website explains that the company offers end to end business solutions, employs 5500 industry specific consultants and offers flexible financing. All of these processes aid the company in the area of operations management. ("Forecast and demand planning solutions from IBM")

The apparel manufacturing/textile industry is quite different from the technology industry because it still requires a great deal of manual labor. The tour that we reviewed in this industry was from the Northeast Knitting Mill. This company was established in 1911 for $50. The tour of the manufacturing facilities displays the circular knitting department which produces yarn wool acrylic and cotton. One of the computer technologies that exist in the mill is the Stoll CMS-440. The cutting of the materials and some of the sewing is still done manually, ensuring quality control. ("Factory Tour")

The automobile industry relies heavily on technology to create and manufacture various products. The Honda Performance Development handles the Indy Car segment of the American Honda Motor Corporation. The plant houses a Dyno cooling tower that can hold up to 25,000 gallons of water. In addition, the Dyno room monitors the efficiency of the engines with television cameras. There is also a Computer Numeric Control milling machine, which allows technicians to operate special tools that are used to shape valve pockets. Quality control is also a very important part of operations management for Honda. Technicians must inspect screw heads to ensure that they meet the highest possible standards. Mechanics also inspect all…

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