Technology And Project Management Essay

Technology and Project Management The Politics of Technology

Technology today is such an integrated part of life that it has become inseparable from everyday activity. Indeed, it affects all areas of life, including general public life, professional life, schooling, and politics.

In this regard, Cohen (2003) mentions that technology, when combined with politics, could become something of a double-edged sword. Terrorism, for example, could become particularly sophisticated. Enemies of the country, for example, could use technology to stealthily penetrate the United States and its important political, educational, and social systems. Technology could also be used against itself in terms of computer viruses and the like.

Even within the country itself, however, technology and its advancement also holds dangers. Politicians and scientists, for example, face the challenge of matching limited budgets to unlimited technological advancement needs and demands. Often, for example, critical judgments need to be made regarding the tax dollar allocation for specific advancements. These decisions are seldom easy. Indeed, Cohen notes that even superior expertise in a technological field does not guarantee superior judgments about how to implement, use, or fund such technologies. This is why the only way in which to effectively manage the myriad types of technological advancements that are possible today is by means of clear thinking. Such an awareness should be supported by collaborative efforts by politicians and scientific and technological experts.


Indeed, technology itself has become a major factor in encouraging and furthering globalization across the world. Countries, business and individuals are now connected in a way that has never been possible before. Many, like Thomas Friedman, are in favor of this development, holding that globalization holds benefits not only for businesses and countries, but also for individuals.
Honestly, I am somewhat in favor of this view myself. From my personal point-of-view, globalization has benefited me by opening my eyes to ways of life vastly different from my own. This exposure has stretched not only my imagination, but also challenged my preconceived notions about the world and the things I believe to be fact. In general, it has benefited me as individuals.

For similar reasons, it also benefits businesses and countries, promoting a mutual understanding that, at the very least, there is not only one correct way to do or believe things. Indeed, narrow-minded views are increasingly challenged by globalization.

In this way, by affecting the way in which people connect with each other and the resultant changes in ways to view the world and other people, technoloyg has become a "socialized knowledge of producing goods an services" (Effects of Technology on Globalization, n.d.). Technology has become a social term and a political concept.

In my view, this is a good thing. Technology has become a phenomenon that…

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