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Allen is saying that all of the wonders of technology can never replace tow people connecting and trusting each other. I completely agree with these concepts and given Mr. Allen's wit and comedic sense, am thankful it was made. Finally any film made during a specific period of time can't help but reflect the values of society at the time. The open discussions about sexuality and sex make light of society's open and free attitudes about these areas of the human experience in 1973.

Why Sleeper is a Classic

Sleeper will always be a classic because it combines Mr. Allen's slapstick and vaudevillian comedic approaches while integrating his favorite music, which is jazz and ragtime. In addition the triumph of the human spirit and human emotions, as chaotic and mercurial as they can be, will always be superior to technology. The use of technology as a means to coerce and control others is evil, a point made in the film with comedic focus. This film could have easily been very dark and brooding, yet a message of hope for humans and the power of world. Instead Mr. Allen shows how with comedy and the chaotic nature of human vulnerability, trust can still be achieved, even in an era where technology is used to lock up, not liberate. He shows how the coolness of technology is alluring, yet the connection with a person and trust is even more of value. Lastly Mr. Allen shows that even when technology is used to enforce a totalitarian regime, love and trust can still win. This is a great message even today with tracking technologies including RFID and the ubiquity of the Internet and social networks.


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