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Technology Is Good agree that technological process is always good. Learning is an important facet of life and without it, we cannot grow. Growth is an important aspect of life. It is human nature to be curious and it is the human spirit to explore. Intelligence increases with each new discovery and with all of the exciting possibilities that technology has to offer, we should look forward with enthusiasm.

This is not to say that, as a society, we will not encounter problems that might arise from the advancement of technology. Just recently, we have seen some of the repercussions of technology with the first so-called cloned human baby. Many people are opposed to technology because of problems just like this. In fact, many people refer to Dr. Frankenstein and his monster whenever technology seems to interfere with moral issues. If we can learn to approach each situation responsibly and sensibly, we should be able to find a suitable solution.

The issue at hand might not be so much if technology is always good, but can if mankind handle the responsibility of knowledge. Dr. Frankenstein was more obsessed with creating life than he was with handling the responsibility of it once he actually did create it. The lesson we can learn from Dr. Frankenstein is to be smart enough to look ahead and try to consider all of the possible ramifications for our actions. In addition, we should always remember to learn from mistakes made in the past in the name of technology.

Technology is not inherently bad. In fact, most people would say that their lives have become easier with technological discoveries. Some lives have been saved as knowledge has allowed us to invent new techniques for curing diseases and helping with handicaps. From the light bulb to the Mars Rover, we all benefit from the expansion of technology.

Technological process is a good thing. No one can argue that the benefits of technology far outweigh the negative aspects. If we can learn to consider all of the aspects that we are bound to encounter with each new discover and if we can learn control our obsessions, we really do have a bright future ahead of us.

Where Good Leaders Are Found

Good leaders can be found practically anywhere. Although there is debate over the issue regarding the role environment might play in the development of a good leader, most people will agree that good leaders can come from all walks of life. Some believe that difficult situations produce good leaders because they build character, strength, and determination.

For example, good leaders can be found in situations of chaos. For instance, when America had not yet become a country and was battling with British troops every day, George Washington was appointed General Commander in Chief because he had the ability to lift the morale of soldiers who were weary from fighting. Even in the midst of war, Washington could still inspire his men to go on even when they wanted to give up.

Good leaders can also be found in the poorest of societies. Harriet Tubman was born a slave on a Maryland plantation in 1820. She escaped from slavery in 1849 by traveling north to Philadelphia by way of the Underground Railroad. For ten years, Tubman returned back to Maryland to help other slaves escape their desperate conditions. We can learn from Tubman that one does not have to come a rich family or have a huge army to be a good leader. She proved that leaders can be rise from oppression and succeed.

Good leaders can also come from the more obvious places as well. Some of the world's greatest leaders have been found in presidents, prime ministers, and other powerful positions. Governments, armies, and countries need leadership and good leaders rise above everyone else in times of need. When things become difficult, some people will begin to withdraw or fade away. In troubling situations even when others have run away, you will find good leaders still there, trying to find a solution.

Perhaps more importantly, you will find good leaders in the midst of the people they are leading. They will be involved with those who choose to follow them; they will interact with them; they will listen to them as well as talk to them. Good leaders are founded where they are needed.

Training an Employee

When training an employee, it is important to inform the trainee of every aspect of their job. Clarity is important but also very necessary. The new employee should know how their actions affect the department and the company as a whole. Without overwhelming the trainee, try to tell them everything they need to know. Of course, employees should be trained to do their job and any other miscellaneous activities that might come up while they are doing their job on any given day. Every employee should be equipped to do their job. One should always make sure that the new employee has the all tools necessary to begin their job from the first day they arrive at the workplace. It is also very good to let trainees ask questions along the way, or at least make a list of questions to ask you after the training session.

Training should also include any safety education related to the job or the environment they may be working in. If special machinery will be operated, the new trainee should not only know how to operate any kind of machine or computer equipment, but also know what to do in case of an emergency. Alert new employees to fire exits and the placement of fire extinguishers.

Trainees should also feel like they have clear definitions. In other words, make sure they know exactly what their job description is, what their responsibilities are, and to whom they answer. Let them know that they have entered a workplace where they can advance if they wish; if scholarships are available, let them know that as well. Give them reasons to feel good about their new job as well as a reason to be excited about what they will be doing.

One of the most important to remember when training an employee is to make them feel like they can approach you. It is important for new employees to feel like they will someone to listen to them or simply to answer a question. Some employees leave their jobs because they do not get along with their supervisor. Communication and kindness go far in the workplace.

Saving vs. Spending Money

Saving money is always a good idea. How much one can save will depend on one's income, but having something to fall back on is never a bad idea. This is logical because one will never know when an accident will occur such as when a vehicle might break down. If one thing makes the world operate, it has to be money.

Another reason why saving money is a good idea is the fact that one has the flexibility for an occasional "treat" or a special vacation. A treat can be anything from a good book to read to a new DVD player -- the point is, those things require cash. Vacations are nice and it is good to get away from ordinary surroundings sometimes. This cannot be done without some kind of planning and saving.

Another reason for saving money is to prepare for an emergency. medical emergencies are critical because sometimes they require immediate care and usually lots of dollars. Household emergencies are critical as well because if the hot water heater breaks, it must be fixed. It is never a bad idea to have a little bit of cash on hand for such times. Having the money to cover such emergencies also reduced the stress involved with such a situation.

In addition to emergencies, vacations and treats, retirement, or simply the future. Because no one knows what will happen tomorrow, it better to be prepared than to be caught by surprise. many people simply do not save for their later years and then when they do approach retirement, they are faced with illness and possibly disability with very little money. Another thing to consider is the fact that some companies force retirement at a certain age; one should be prepared financially for this. Social security isn't what it used to be and it simply isn't enough to depend on in retirement.

Another reason in favor of saving money is the feeling of satisfaction that results from it. One can develop a healthy sense of accomplishment when saving money -- it feels good to see the money adding up. One should also feel good about saving money because it is extremely difficult to do. Saving money is a great discipline.

Never Give Up

We should never give up on our goals. Goals are important for many reasons and there are never any good reasons for giving up a goal. Our goals shape who we are…

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