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¶ … terrorist" it is often a good idea to first look at the word and its spelling to begin to understand what such a person does. The word "terrorist" has "terror" in it. This means that a terrorist causes terror. That is what someone who is a terrorist would do. He would not care about people's lives or feelings. His aim is only to make people feel afraid.

A terrorist would not care about people, their feelings, or their lives. He would have no compassion or love for the people he is trying to destroy. He would especially not care about the families of the people he is trying to destroy. He would only enjoy bringing fear and pain to the people he is terrorizing.

A terrorist has to create terror in those he affects with his action. Without this, he would not be a terrorist. A person who just lives his life every day, cares about his family, and goes to work cannot be called a terrorist. It is only when such a person begins to destroy lives and create fear that he can be called a terrorist. He has to do this to many people at the same time and he has to create a lot of fear. A person who just lightly scares one or two people is not a terrorist. So, what a terrorist has to do to be a terrorist is to create fear for many...


He would do this by attacking a lot of people by planting bombs or killing them in some other way. A person who does not do this is not a terrorist.

A terrorist almost always uses violence in his aim to create fear. There are usually people who die. Those who survive are afraid of more attacks and of dying themselves. Some terrorists use violence for a cause such as freeing themselves from something or someone. Often, these terrorists call themselves "freedom fighters." It sounds nice, but it still involves killing innocent people to get what they want. Like any terrorist, freedom fighters use violence and care only about themselves and what they want. They do not care about anybody else. Terrorists can also have political motives. Some want everybody in the world to do things the way they do them. When other countries do not follow their patterns, these terrorists become angry and want to destroy those who are not the same as themselves. In this way, many innocent victims die or are wounded. This is what creates terror in regions or sometimes in whole countries. People are afraid that they will be attacked and killed.

The Golden Rule was first created by Jesus Christ in the Bible, with the words: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This means that we should think about what we would like others to do for us and then do the same for them. The question is if this is always true in all cases.

I do not believe that it is. The reason is that, as people with different likes and dislikes, we do not have the same needs. One example of this is hugs. One person may enjoy being held when she is sad or disappointed, for…

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