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¶ … Leadership Styles in the Health Sector

The aspect of leadership has been the subject of discussion over a long period of time and the approach has changed significantly over the decades. The consideration of leadership qualities has over the decades moved from concentration purely on the individual to inclusion of the people being led and how they respond and are impacted by the leadership to be a measure of the quality of the leadership. This article looks at the leadership styles that are displayed by three individuals within the healthcare sector and the qualities, skills, behaviors and attributes that make them outstanding leaders in their respective areas.

The three leaders who were interviewed had a lot of attributes in common and skills since they have been in the medical practice each for more than three years. They have two separate leadership style, the first two used democratic leadership and the third leader adopted more of the


The democratic leaders often allow room for open communication and inclusion of members in the decision making process. This kind of leaders allow for opinions from even sectors that they do not necessarily agree with and are open to discussion of these ideas with the relevant individuals (Gonos J. & Gallo P., 2013:Pp159). Here, the leaders behave in a manner that suggests they share the leadership with the people under them and not like bosses. Despite having significant amount of skills in the line of duty, they are ready to share and show each individual how the work is done and work collectively towards the organizational goals. This style often works positively since members embrace it to take greater responsibility to accomplish the assigned tasks. The employees will also show greater interest in the tasks they are given since they feel they are part of the organization and leadership. This response, the leaders indicated, further strengthened their commitment to the democratic leadership style.

The third leader was seen to adopt the situational leadership which is known to take care of variables as they present themselves in a task. These variables often include the position one…

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