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¶ … Cyber Counseling in Common Occupations

Cyber counseling also referred to as online counseling, online therapy, or eCounseling is the provision of professional counseling services via electronic communication. The common methods for cyber counseling are secure email, online chat, telephone, and video conferencing (Mishna, 2013). Research has demonstrated that cyber counseling is as satisfying and effective as face-to-face counseling, and it delivers the same therapeutic effect as traditional counseling. Online therapy would offer unique benefits like greater flexibility and accessibility. Accessibility is vital because some of the clients might not manage to access the services due to geographic location, lack of time, or mobility issues. Stigma, anxiety, or difficulty with face-to-face expression are other issues that encourage cyber counseling.

Cyber counseling can be used in many occupations because it allows for anonymity, flexibility, and reduces anxiety. Within the criminal justice system, most criminals do not like speaking to a therapist face-to-face, but they would be comfortable interacting with the therapist using online means. The security of the therapist is increased when they use...


Jails are mainly located in remote areas, and access is highly restricted. Cyber counseling has allowed for the delivery of counseling services to them in a secure and easy manner (Mishna, Bogo, & Sawyer, 2015). The therapist does not have to visit the prison, and they can conduct the sessions at their convenient time. There is convenience in the delivery of counseling services to prisoners. By using secure email, the therapist and client can correspond with each other at their convenience.

Many students do not like their peers to know they are attending counseling sessions because of social stigma. Within the education system, it would be best to use cyber counseling to ensure that the service reaches out to the most clients. Having private online sessions allows the students to interact with the therapist from the convenience of their laptop. With the demanding education system program, the sessions can be conducted at a convenient time for the student, and studies would not be disrupted. Cyber counseling also benefits students because they can reach out to the counselor even when they are at home (Richards & Vigano, 2012). Online counseling is more affordable as compared to the other types of counseling, which makes it easy to implement within the education system.

Employees do not like disclosing their secrets to other employees, and the human resource…

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