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In addition to his role as political leader, Yoast leads from a symbolic framework. He had coached the team through fifteen successful seasons and therefore the entire town of Alexandria, the school staff, and the players all respected him as leader even after he was demoted. Yoast's spunky daughter looks up to her dad as a symbolic leader and because of her passionate involvement with the team, she also serves as a symbolic leader in the movie. Yoast symbolizes effective leadership in Remember the Titans, due to his self-sacrificing approach to teamwork, his ability to triumph in the face of adversity, and his visible successes on the gridiron.

Yoast's demotion itself can be viewed from within a structural and symbolic framework too. Because of to the social and political changes taking place in American society and at the administrative level of the school system, Boone replaced Yoast as a token of affirmative action. From a structural perspective, Boone and Yoast lead from the top of the hierarchy on the team. They reinforce the social and political structures that help teams work in organized and systematic ways. Likewise, the players participate in the structure of leadership by creating their own rituals like the warm-up dance and the huddle chants. These rituals help the team thrive because it reinforces the authority of the hierarchical


The ancillary coaches also represent how leadership roles play out within a bureaucratic framework. School board officials who manipulated both Coach Boone and Coach Yoast are leaders within a human resources framework, even though their ethics are questionable. Unlike Yoast or Boone, the school board officials manipulate others for political and symbolic purposes. Yoast and Boone, regardless of their personality flaws, act with ethical integrity throughout the film. The students also demonstrate remarkable ethical integrity in spite of their initial resistance to racial integration.

What might have been a disastrous situation turned into an incredible season for the Titans, both on the field and off. Coaches Yoast and Boone both rose to the occasion by becoming effective leaders within political, structural, human resource, and symbolic frameworks. Football and school are both hierarchical and rigidly structured. The coaches know how to work within that framework and its boundaries. The players eventually come to respect both Boone and Yoast because of their ethical integrity. Ultimately the coaches must succeed on the field in order to prove the effectiveness of their personal leadership styles.

More importantly, Coaches Boone and Yoast inspire leadership potential in their players Captain of the team Gerry Bertier (Ryan Hurst) is the most notable leader from a political, structural, and symbolic framework. His injury and eventual death affects the entire town, which viewed him as a symbolic leader. The moment Gerry accept his condition and claims he will compete in the Paralympics proves his leadership prowess. As team captain Gerry is also a political and structural leader who is responsible for motivating his team and mediating conflict. Julius also becomes a key leader in Remember the Titans because of his honesty with Gerry. He is an indirect and symbolic leader who inspires Gerry to become a better person. After Gerry's paralysis, Julius comes into his own as a leader, motivating his depressed team with a half-time speech reminding them, "This team is perfect." In Remember the Titans, leadership is most evident in the way the coaches and team players exemplify ethical and practical principles of leadership in their daily lives and not…

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