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Transformation Leadership Addendum

James MacGregor Burns, a presidential biographer and a leadership expert established the conception of transformational leadership. MacGregor asserted that transformational leadership happens when followers and leaders work together to develop an advanced level of motivation and morals. Via the potency of their idea and character, transformational leaders hold the aptitude to motivate followers to change perceptions, motivations and expectations to work towards shared objectives. Transformational leaders garner respect, admiration and trust from their followers.

Transformational leaders influence communication and reach out to stakeholders and customers to enhance organizational performance, and this type of leadership excels in leading institutions. Transformational leadership supports teamwork, which is necessary for transformational shifts in organizations, and it allows teams to execute strategies that promote the productivity of organizations. This work presents an addendum that underscores the means through which my personal leadership style informs both membership and leadership conception of practices within a team setting besides highlighting how my leadership style affects my communication to both external and internal team constituencies. The paper also presents specific examples from my own experience to illustrate my experience with my style of leadership.

LDR711 Reflective leadership plan assisted me in creating a personal leadership plan. The plan has made me realize aspects that I need to embrace to become an effective leader. The plan also helped me discover my weaknesses and the strategies I need to embrace to develop myself as a productive leader with the ability to influence and transform the society. My goal is to pursue a doctoral degree that will help me support people in solving the problems facing the society. I particularly want to master and be able to exchange information and record reports of management and leadership, economics, and business administration based on scientific investigations in the financial industry. Besides, attaining a doctoral degree has been my dream since my childhood. I am motivated to pursue a doctoral degree by the fact that am the only person in my family to attain higher education and would like to leave a mark in my family and community through leading as a good example. Overall, LDR711 course has helped me understand what type of leadership I want to embrace, and it has taught me several aspects of a good leader, which include communicating value, mission and vision statements, assessing leadership challenges, execution of innovation, providing positive feedback, communication and leadership ethics. In this regard, transformational leaders are inspirited and motivated.

According to Bass & Riggio (2006), transformational leaders encourage others to do more than they initially intended and a lot more than they considered possible. Transformational leaders set expectations that are more challenging, they attain higher performances, and they tend to hold more satisfied and committed followers. They empower followers and consider the individual needs of followers, personal development besides assisting followers in developing their own leadership abilities. Based on the leadership analysis tool, the scores depicted strengths in my capacity to develop and lead teams. The tool also indicated my ability to demonstrate concern for work, tasks and people besides the strengths in my capacity to address conflicts (Bass & Riggio, 2006) . Based on the analysis, I am more of a transitional leader, situational leaders, and charismatic leader. This implies that am a transformational leader who could achieve more through teamwork as transactional and charismatic leaders are enhanced through follower's concepts given that followers are influenced through the attributes and conducts of a leader. Based on my background, job, team sports and military, am a good leader with the ability to attain better self-esteem.

Personal leadership style informs both leadership and membership conceptions of and practices within the team environment. Leadership standards affect positive change in organizational strategies and productivity. A personal performance power is to embrace transformation leadership style. A transformational leader increases team and team effectiveness through problem-solving, leadership ethics, promoting creativity, implementing innovation and promoting communication. A transformational leader maximizes the requirement of his/her followers and develops persons as resources. Followers in turn respect and trust a transformational leader.

My personal leadership style focuses on teamwork; it informs and directs team members to attain goals. This type of leadership influences, stimulates, inspires people. A transformational leader provides an idealized mission…

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