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¶ … Nurses

Turnover among nurses is a result of dissatisfaction with the workplace. This dissatisfaction could be because of low pay, poor working conditions, and lack of motivation to work as well as a general feeling of disregard for their interests. The management plays a key role in influencing the way in which employees feel and take their work. Therefore, nurses here have to be taken care of concerning their interest. The way the management does work dictates how the nurses will respond the work and the kind of dedication that they will give to the organization (Green & South, 2011).

In the event of occurrence of this kind of dissatisfaction on the part of the nurses, recovery plans will be required. This could include fulfilling the missing offers that the management has failed to give the nurses and making them appreciate their work more. A revision of the modes of treatment and remuneration is also necessary for salvaging a sinking situation concerning employee motivation (Ganong & Ganong, 2013). This also calls for a better approach to life on the side of the employees. While seeking to address the issue of motivation, frequent appraisals are necessary to boost the manner in which they nurses take their work.

These improvement measures are needed to be evaluated on a frequent basis to ensure that they conform to the requirements needed. These requirements are needed in keeping track of the performance of the employees and the role of the management in boosting their performance. One such way is using surveys on staff attitudes. These surveys ought to be carried out on a frequent basis, soon before and...


This will give the evaluator a chance to determine the effectiveness of this study. Besides, it enhances the understanding of whether the study is the ideal one among other alternatives especially in identifying the solutions to the workplace problems being evaluated. It forms the basis for which work gets to be appraised by those in authority. The method uses the views given by the nurses concerning their feeling of the work that they do.

The surveys are done by structuring questions that will seek the popular view and the confidential responses from the nurses. The questions are also structured to bring out the possible suggestions that the authors have regarding the way to make life better in the workplace. This way, there must be a better understanding of what kind of treatment is needed to keep the employees in check regarding the life that they live. The studies done on this topic invigorates the desire to establish the possible way of improving the service delivery. In this case, the manner in which the studies are done ought to involve the stakeholders fully in seeking their views about life. Research show that surveys of this kind are all done through the dissemination of theory into the actual practice. They are done through the creation of better service delivery and motivation of workers to accept to work on acceptable terms (Ganong & Ganong, 2013).

The management has to conduct a turnover tally before and after the initiation of the change. This will give a record of the progress and the methods of improving it. The best way is to establish the better way of making the current study level be in tandem with the targeted one. In this case, it is also likely to spot out better options to solve the issue of the employment relationship between the employers and the employees. The other important issue is to handle the consequences of disobedience that may occur in the life…

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