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Ugg Boots: Customer Analysis Issues

UGG Boots are boots made of the sheepskin (VanPelt). The boots have fleece inside and on the outer surface is tanned and mostly have a synthetic sole. The UGG Boots are mainly known for their comfort and warmth. UGG Boots are available in different colors and styles. The unique selling proposition of UGG Boots is providing comfort and warmth at the same time the UGG Boots are also targeting trendy and stylish people as they are now offered in stylish colors and sizes (Ceder).

In this paper it has been tried to identify issues related to consumer behavior which have to be faced while devising marketing strategies for the effective and efficient marketing of the UGG Boots. Extensive secondary research in term of finding and reading already published work on the consumer behavior issues have been done in order to identify and understand the important and relevant consumer behavior issues. The important consumer behavior factors like product category involvement, decision making, social and environmental influences on the purchase, the product category knowledge of the consumer, consumer attitudes, behaviors, etc. have been identified and discussed in the paper with reference to the UGG Boots. All these factors related to consumer behavior are described and evaluated in order to deduce important and relevant managerial implications from them to come up with an effective marketing strategy for the UGG Boots. The findings and results reported in this paper are based on the basic understanding and secondary research, however in order to better understand the consumer behavior and devise a successful marketing strategy one needs to get involve in primary research to get consumer insights and perceptions about the UGG Boots.


The purchase of shoes comes in the limited decision making category and customers are not into practice of doing extensive research before the purchase of any shoes. The decision about the purchase of shoes comes in the low involvement category. In low involvement category or limited decision making category the consumers are not expected to put extra effort in the decision making process and mostly have limited available knowledge about the product and different options available (Olshavsky, & Granbois, 1979). The process of limited decision making is presented in the flow chart form in the figure below:

Search of Information: mostly internal to some extent external

Recognition of problem: generic

Evaluation of alternatives: little attributes, decision rules are simple, and there are fewer alternatives

Post purchase: limited evaluation with no dissonance

PurchaseLimited Decision Making

Hence, the purchase of UGG Boots is categorized as a limited decision making process. The problem recognition is generic and the consumers are involved in very less information search and mostly rely on what they know beforehand, on very rare occasion consumers will get involved in external information search and the scope of external information search will be limited (Hoyer, 1984). As far as evaluation of alternatives is concerned, there will be very few alternatives which will be evaluated on few and little attributes and the decision criteria will be simple and easy. Apart from this the there will be no post purchase dissonance among the consumers and they will be involved in very limited post purchase evaluation as the UGG Boots fall in low involvement category.


As the UGG Boots come in the low involvement product category, the consumers will be having limited information and knowledge about the product and will mostly rely on the previous internal information and knowledge they already have about the product. There will be consumers who will not have any past experience of UGG Boots and knows only about the normal trendy and stylish boots and shoes. These consumers will involve in limited external search and will look for information on internet and from their peers and friends who have any kind of experience or knowledge about the UGG Boots. There are chances that such consumers go through some articles or reviews about the UGG Boots before making the decision.

Apart from this there will be consumers who have previous knowledge about the UGG Boots and will be least bothered to further investigate or search for information and knowledge. They will be only interested in getting to know the availability of the product and different varieties and styles available for the purchase.

This suggest that the company should provide both general and specific information on the website of the company to cater the needs of the both type of consumers, the one who do not have any past experience or knowledge about the product and the one who have some past knowledge or information about the product. This will enable to influence the decision making process of the consumers (Bettman, & Park, 1980).


Selection of evaluative criteria



Information search continues

Termination of information search

Any alternative satisfies the criteria and can the decision be made?

The performance of different alternatives on the different evaluative criteria

Different alternatives available as a solutionThe consumers are aware of the need of boots and shoes and this makes the problem recognition stage little easier. But the company has to come up with strategies related to building awareness and knowledge about the comfort and warmth provided by the UGG Boots. The selection criteria for the UGG Boots will be different as compared to other alternatives available in the market. The consumers should be able to relate comfort and warmth with the UGG Boots. The process of information search in consumer decisions is a complete process involving different stages as defined in the figure below (Malhotra, 1982):

The consumers will first decide the evaluative criteria which will be comfort, availability, warmth, style, trend, and color in this case of UGG Boots. The consumer will then search his internal memory for the different options and solutions which he have knowledge or information about and will evaluate and analyze these solutions and alternatives on the basis of pre-defined evaluative criteria. If the consumer is satisfied by any solution or option he already knows the decision of purchase will be made and the process of information search will terminate here. But if the options which are known to the consumers do not satisfy the evaluative criteria of the consumer will not make decision at this moment and will look and search for further information and knowledge about other options and solutions (Nelson, 1970).

In this case mostly there will be consumers who will be aware of different options of shoes and boots that will fulfill their needs and will solve their problem. There is less chance that the consumers will be aware of the UGG Boots. Very few consumers will have awareness about the UGG Boots, and also about the different varieties and colors offered by the company. In order to impact the information search stage and consumer decision the company will have to provide extensive information about the UGG Boots and will have to promote the concept that UGG Boots are also available in different size, color, and style.

There will be consumers who will be having general idea about the UGG Boots and there will also be consumers who will be having detailed information and knowledge about the UGG Boots. Mostly the consumers will look information on in form on reviews and articles on internet and also will look for recommendation and suggestions from family, friends, and other peers.

The information search and evaluation will not be distinct or separate steps of processes. The consumers will be involve in limited information search and evaluation of alternatives at the same time and the information search will be terminated and ended when the consumer is able to find an alternative which will satisfy the evaluative criteria and needs and requirements of the consumer.

For the consumers who have knowledge and awareness about the UGG Boots, the company has to come up with capture strategy in order to attract such consumers and motivate them to purchase the UGG Boots. On the other hand for the consumers who are not aware of the UGG Boots and do not have any previous knowledge or information about the product the company has to come up with intercept strategy to increase their awareness and knowledge which will ultimately result in the purchase of the UGG Boots.


It is important to understand the impact of social influence on the product choice or selection. A product of the nature of UGG Boots is highly affected by the social influence and peer pressures. Consumers go for shoes and boots which are according to their social status and are acceptable in their social circle. Shoes and boots are purchased which complements the dress and look of the consumer. Before selecting a particular shoes or boot the consumers sometimes do take advice and suggestion from their friends and family.

Hence the company has to be aware of the impact of social…

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