Understanding And Preventing Burnout Among Employees Research Proposal

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Prevention and Causes of Work Burnout in Human Service

Burnout is a serious issue in human resource management and the organization as a whole. The Human Services job can be exciting but at the same time, stressful. A large volume of work, lacking control, and balancing between work and home can cause the atmosphere to become stressful. This document seeks to assess burnout, explain some of the individual, organizational, supervisory, and social factors that cause burnout. It will also describe various individual, job role, and organizational methods to prevent burnout. My efforts in responding to personal and work-related stress to counteract burnout are also identified. Lastly, I will focus on the efforts I will employ as a human service manager in order to assist staff members experiencing burnout.


The metaphor "burn-out," means that not only is that somebody "burning," but also that once a fire is on, it cannot keep burning unless resources are offered to keep it burning. In other terms, employees' power or potential to perform can reduce eventually when the workplace does not offer resources and is especially challenging. Terminally, a condition of mental, emotional and physical fatigue will occur making it difficult to address. There is another metaphoric description of burnout: Somebody could burn out if he or she were "burning" previously. Therefore, involvement,


Situations of feeling exhaustion and emotional demands on employees are the result of resulting in a burnout incident. In the case of work environment, the requirements are crucial toward the employees. Various issues are concerned with the absence of friction in the place of work. This contains; stress on the job, job discontentment, deficiency of promotion possibilities, and disputes with supervisors and management contributes to job attrition (Vandenberghe, 2009).

Individual, job role, and organizational methods to prevent burnout

Individual-directed methods include worker's coping abilities that make them resilient to job stressors. They are widely used after one has shown proven symptoms of burnout. It can be performed independently or in a team establishing. Some examples include relaxation, meditation, stress management, assertiveness, psychotherapy, socials skills training and time management. Such methods can be helpful, mainly, in terms of alleviating fatigue (Ba-hrer-Kohler, 2012). On the other hand, these approaches on their own may not have long-term effects, especially if the person returns to the same stress causing workplace. In other terms, the main cause of their burnout may not have been resolved. Moreover, these methods can be seen as accusing the worker of their condition and removing the liability of the company.

Organization-oriented methods consider the impact that work atmosphere has on workers. Burnout is not the effect of an…

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