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¶ … Psychosocial Assessment

Identifying Information / Setting

The purpose of this study is to examine Jackson. This client is in his early 40's and works as a professional police officer in a men's correctional facility. Jackson is a veteran and is married to a minority wife. They have a twins, a boy and girl aged 10. This study is based on therapy that is being conducted online.

Reason for Referral

Jackson was referred to me due to issues at his job. The client was involved in a physical dispute with his wife that resulted from an argument over gambling. It is evident that Jackson's wife has serious gambling problem. Jackson's wife called the police during the dispute and this resulted in his police department's standard operating procedure to provide mandatory counseling for 13 weeks. Another result of the dispute, required Jackson to surrender his firearms. In order for client to get back gun he needs to go to all 13 sessions.

It is apparent that the client has an anger issue, demonstrated by his repeated blows up at wife. Jackson stated that his wife is the one that is abusive towards him and he never physically abuses her. My client has intimacy issues with wife, exhibited by his trouble exploring feelings and expressing them. Financial problems are also present as my client is now having money issues due to wife running up credit cards putting Jackson $25,000 in debt.

E. Physical and Economic Environment

Jackson is relarively successful at his police job and receives a decent salary to support his family. His wife's spending habits however burden the family budget and have put serous train on the family dynamics and all the relationships inherent within that dynamic. Jackson's lifestyle or day-to-day activities, are somewhat normal for a police officer. The client walks the dog, goes to the gym, spends a lot of time caring for his children, works daily and picks up double shifts. Jackson lives in a nice home with his family, in nice part of Long Beach, CA

F. Current Social Functioning (as reported by client or gleaned from other reports)

Jackson's family environment presents unique challenges towards this case. Jackson has been married for 12 years to a Philippine woman. Jackson is attracted to her as he said she is 5'1 pretty, petite, and really nice to look at. My client's wife works part time painting nails, which Jackson does not mind, but feels his wife needs to take care of children better and not yell at them. Jackson was sleeping on the couch and wife in bedroom, but now he is back to sleeping in same bed. Jackson reports to having no sexual intimacy with his wife in months. To my clent his two twins are great and Jackson loves being a father

Jackson's relationship with children is important to him and he spoils children to compensate for his relationship he had with his father growing up. Jackson has not spoken to his father or mother in four years. Jackson and his relationship with his wife started deteriorating 4 years ago. He feels his father is not proud of him, but will not give specifics except the fact he married a woman from another country and his father may not have agreed to this union.

Jackson wants his wife to be there for him, give him sex, take care of children, and home. Instead wife is out gambling with friends. The problems manifest when Jackson and his wife argue in front of children, exposing them to unnecessary abuse and violence. In his immediately family, Jackson does not talk to other family members

There appears to be physical violence in the household as his wife will scream and hit Jackson on occasion. There is no sexual contact between the two currently.

For Jackson, this counseling is more about his own career and not his family. Since he identifies with his career, getting his gun back is of great significance to Jackson and he does not feel competent without his work gun. Jackson is mostly a loner as he does not have many friends he confides in. At his job he is very well respected and he will treat inmates fair. Socially, Jackson is not very active as he likes to simply take long drives and will go to a local bar occasionally. He also walks dog daily and works out at his gym. Religiously, my client grew up Christian but has not practiced in a while.

From a medical and psychological standpoint my client becomes easily angered and becomes increasingly angry when talking...


He also possess an inability to cope with anger, issues with intimacy and expressing emotions. He does not take any prescription medication and does not partake n recreational drug use.

In relating to his career, my client takes pride in serving in military and now a police officer. Client ego centric and believes in traditional male female roles that are often at odds with his current situation. There are no outstanding legal issues and his two twins are functioning normal considering the situational circumstances.

In his course of life, the normative transitions of divorce are very prevalent in my client. The non-normative life events that have recently arisen are the main driving force behind this counseling session. The issue began when my client had his firearm taken away due to his wife calling cops on him over domestic dispute. Jackson stated it was his wife that hits him and he does not hit wife, and this reveals and embarrassing episode in his life causing guilt and shame.

My client suffers from no parental or supplemental support in his problems. As Jackson't has not spoken to his parents in 4 years. He is looking to heal old wounds and wants to call them, and feels upset and guilty over their estrangement.


A. Psychological Functioning

My client is determined to complete 13 sessions, and has become to new ways of treatment and modeling his behavior. Jackson is clearly logical and relatively intelligent for a police officer and has firm grasp of reality. He is not deluded or suffer from visions or mania of any sort. My client does have problems controlling his impulses as he is easily distracted, becomes angry quickly then apologies for being antisocial. Jackson is able to make rational decisions and understand consequences of his actions. Jackson appears to have excellent memory and can recall ideas rapidly and lucidly. In coping with others and his problems he is mostly open to solving issues but will sometimes become frustrated and demonstrate strong emotions

The client's insight is demonstrated by his need and want to change his life for the better. This effort suggests that he realizes change must come from insightful change. Jackson has little self-awareness when dealing with his family. His self has been constructed in the mold of violence and conflict. He has a difficult time separating himself from his family's past regressions. Due to anger management issues, I can see my client becoming hostile towards wife and other people. Police are a greater risk to suicide than the general population. This is something to monitor closely

B. Emotional Functioning

Jackson has deep seeded troubles in healthily expressing his feelings and emotions. His restraint has been conditioned by his upbringing and the military and police culture he has been predominately been exposed to in his lifetime. Jackson's social awareness mostly resonates with the environment around him. His has a tendency to bring the emotional content to a lower level if left in control of the situation. Jackson's Predominant mood or emotional reaction pattern s are usually serious, but he, at times can be very humorous. His humor is tinged with anger, fear, depression and loss however demonstrating an issue.

When speaking and communicating with others, Jackson's tendency to delay and pause his speech suggests that his emotions are causing blockage and hesitation. His language is especially gruff, even for a police officer. His words are almost always framed in a pessimistic viewpoint. He often cries and then jokes about being weak.

C. Social/Behavioral Functioning

In forming relationships with others in a social situation my client has demonstrated that he has difficulty with closeness and vulnerability to intimacy are very present in his pathology.

When speaking with others in social situation, he is able to talk to people in a general sense, but unable to talk to his own wife about important emotions and feelings affecting their relationship.

His interaction style can be described as assertive and aggressive within his general tone and approach. Jackson is troubled and performs at a lowered capacity. He has difficulty accepting his roles within society. While substance abuse is not a problem as my client only drinks occasionally, he is dysfunctional in other ways as he indulges in many hours of television and views pornography on a regular basis

D. Environmental Issues and Constraints Affecting the Situation

His wife's addictions and…

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