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¶ … roles would suit you best and why?

Of all the listed roles, I think that monitoring union election outcomes would suit my personality best. This role requires a strong sense of ethics and impartiality. Rather than being an advocate for a single candidate this role requires the monitor to ensure that everyone is playing by the rules regardless of his or her position. If elections are not perceived as fair, people will lose confidence in the process. Also, free and fair elections are more likely to ensure that support is retained for the union, even in the face of declining union membership. Some unions have had a history of questionable ethics and bias, and continuing to uphold high standards ensures that people still believe in the value of labor unions and the fact that labor unions genuinely represent their interests. I tend to prefer not to be engaged in


enter the fray of personal bickering. I do not mind engaging in conciliation and compromise but usually I find that retaining a strong sense of the rules and principles of the organization rather than bending them is the best way to ensure a fair result.

Q2. Read the GMFC case on and state your answer to the question: Consider how you would respond to potentially untruthful campaign literature. How will you deal with Dave Neumeier if he starts to encourage employees to unionize?

Responding to potentially untruthful campaign literature must be done in a relatively non-confrontational fashion. Rather than attacking the disseminators of the literature personally, it is essential to rebut all allegations based upon facts vs. personal aspersions. If a workplace genuinely does not want its employees to unionize, rather than actively suppressing the union and the organizers, it is best to enter into a dialogue with workers in an active and meaningful fashion. If workers feel that managers actually care about what they have to say and think they are less likely to feel as if they need formal union membership.


If you have a union organizer role, develop a strategy for organizing this plant. Consider such things as the authorization card campaign, contacts with employees, campaign literature, comparisons you want employees to make, bargaining-unit determination, coping with delays, and potential ULP charges.

"When a union presents authorization cards to an employer,…

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