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University of Washington will give me a cherished opportunity to meet many of my academic and personal goals. I have always had a passion and interest for my intended major of interior design. In many ways, this stems from the fact that drawing and painting give me with a powerful and effective method to communicate with others. Though painting and the use of lines, I can communicate feelings that are often difficult to express in other ways. Even as a child, I was been blessed with the gift of artistic ability, and learned to reach others through this gift. I am excited to be able to attend an interior design program at the University of Washington, where I can continue to reach others through this gift. I look forward to learning more about art, and combine my abilities and gifts with new skills.

I have a passion about art. I see myself as an artist for all of my life. It is through art
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and interior design that I will be able to continue to reach others. One of my dreams is to use my major in interior design to help create attractive, functional housing for people who cannot afford their own homes. Through interior design I hope to communicate hope and a feeling of worth and community.

I have a compelling desire to attend the University of Washington because attending this university will bring my dream of becoming interior designer a step closer. A good academic education such as that offered by the University of Washington can provide an open door to the rest of the world. A degree from the University of Washington can change my life by helping me to attain these personal goals.

Acceptance into the University of Washington will provide me with a better chance of successful than graduating from Bellevue Community College. While Bellevue is a good institution, I strongly want to be a proud University of Washington graduate, rather than a graduate from Bellevue Community College.

My past experience in artistic…

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