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¶ … Psychoanalytic Theory Approach

The first step in determining the goals of any counselling is to determine whether the individual needs counselling or other forms of interventions and in this case study, it is apparent that the 24-year-old client whose origin is Guatemala needs counselling. There are several goals that are to be met in the counselling session, one of them being the enhancement of the coping skills of the new mother with a one-year-old son who just lost her job as a loan officer as well as the coping with the new life in the U.S.A. The intervention tat will be used here is strengthening the ties between the mother and the son through designing schedule of activities that will make the social life of the two more interactive and interdependent. This interdependency will make the mother develop close ties that she would not want to see the son suffer hence will do all she can to be strong and get a job to support the baby. The other goal is to facilitate the behavior change of the individual client since this is necessary in reshaping her life to the new realities of the changes in family responsibilities and expectations from the society. The strategy to be used here is the self-efficacy strategy which will target the individual personal judgments that the client will be making from the moment onwards. Another goal of this counselling is to promote decision making process...


For this goals to be achieved, the goals and expected outcomes strategy is to be used to enable the client to set out the career goals and the timelines that she needs to accomplish the realistic goals she will set during the counselling session. The counselling session will also aim at improving the relationship that the client has, first with herself, then with her son and the rich family back at home that she seems to be aloof from to an extent that she cannot even ask for assistance. The strategy that will be employed here is the self-management strategy which will seethe client have peer-support network, self-monitoring as well as self-reinforcement. The last of this particular counselling session is to ensure the client's potential is increased and the effectiveness in her new environment is improved through giving her the coping skills and control over the environment she has inevitably found herself in. The strategy that will be sued in this case is the establishment of skills to overcome barriers that the client will face on daily basis (Hongu Nobuko, 2015).

My theory relies more on the contemporary approach to the psychodynamics to solve the challenges that the individual is facing. This approach does not center on the inner being as a determinant of the personality but rather views personality as stable patterns of motives, thoughts, behaviors, as well as emotions that characterize a person over a long…

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