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Validity & Reliability Review

The author of this report has been asked to find and select an article with a specific purpose in mind. Namely, the author of the report is supposed to review the article for implications regarding validity and reliability. To be more precise, if there are gaps in either, the author of this report is to identify them and then identify what could be done to avoid such issues in future or different studies. A recent study about feedback interactions revealed some gaps that could be threats to reliability or validity.

To begin to evaluate the validity and reliability of the selected peer-reviewed journal, the author of this report shall first zone in on the sampling. As noted in the applicable section, the authors note "our overriding sampling logic was to find contexts that had shown a history of successfully using feedback in creative work, enabling us to see feedbac in action frequently and transparently" (Harrison & Rouse, 2015). That sounds good on paper but it is perilous when it comes to validity and reliability. First of all, what different researchers deem "relevant" and "proper" for such a study would tend to be subjective and, thus, perhaps quite different. This would make the possibility of reliability...


Similarly, the validity would be brought into question because the conclusions drawn, why those conclusions are drawn and so forth would all come from the data. There would need to be a dearth and absence of subjectivity when it comes to sampling. Obviously, looking at data that is useless and inapplicable is not going to help. However, cherry-picking what is assessed and what is not is a slippery slope of sorts. For example, a subsection of the sampling section is about modern dance. The very first sentence in that section talks about how modern dance has set a "high bar for creativity." That is an opinion. It may be the prevailing opinion and may hold up in many research studies but surely not all. Rather than get into subjective opinion, the authors of the report should have focused on the interactions they were studying. They also should be very precise about what types of interactions are going on and who is involved including the rank and power of the people, the performers and so forth.…

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Harrison, S.H. & Rouse E.D. (2015). An inductive study of feedback interactions over the course of creative projects. Academy of Management Journal, 58(2),

375-404. doi:10.5465/amj.2012.0737

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