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¶ … VARK examination shows higher preference to kinesthetic strategies with a score of six while all the others scored the same with a score of five. Kinesthetic approaches include learning with the sense, using examples, use of practical exercises, use of cases, and pure trial and error. From the VARK website, it explains the learning preference describes learning through experiences not just on screens or in pictures. It demands for a more hands-on type of experience. These kinds of learners are also better equipped to study practical application vs. theory. Some people can learn well from theory alone, and although the other strategies derived from the results scored slightly under from kinesthetic, it shows that hands-on experience develops better memory and retention at least for those that score highest on that section.

The preferred learning style for one who scores like this involves actual experience in whatever one learns and supplemental information derived from reading and diagrams or visual learning. Diagrams provide an excellent way to view what is learned. It also helps organize everything. Text derived from reading and writing helps express thoughts clearly and exercise theory and concepts in an efficient format. That is however, if the text is concise and well worded. Sometimes concepts are discussed in a way that decrease understanding and mental absorption. That is why use of keywords and often different colored, different sized texts, and perhaps use of an lesson plan and bullet points on the positions of the foot and legs when getting on the bike. Visual would use a picture and diagrams to show positions of the body when riding the bike.

Having close to, similar scores also suggest multimodal strategies meaning all learning strategies can be used to further learning. Multimodal learning suggests the use of either all learning modes or just one or two depending on the overall learning capacity of the individual. "Keep in mind that some people with a multimodal preference need to have the same material presented in several of their modes in order to really learn it, while others can effectively learn using any…

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