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The Night I Become Homecoming Queen

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I could not believe they had voted me! There I stood in my blue lace sequined dress that had a split up the side and a low back: the whole of my senior class standing and applauding and smiling before me as I held the stage, wide-eyed and star-struck. Someone placed flowers in my arms and a tiara on my head—I could not even tell you who. All I could feel was electricity: I was so overwhelmed—nothing like this had ever happened to me! And then they called my boyfriend’s name (now my husband of nearly two decades)—“And your Homecoming King, Anthony Miller!”—and up he came—jauntily as ever, all smiles, looking at me like he loved me and had total faith and confidence in me—the way he always did (and always has). I nearly melted: it was like living a dream—a scene in a movie—and, oh, how I did not…… [Read More]