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wasta spreading Qatar community

Wasta means, "connections, clout, influence or favoritism comes from an Arabic root (w-s-T) conveying the idea of 'middle', and a wasta is someone who acts as a go-between." Wasta is referred to 'vitamin w' enabling an Arabic citizen to obtain what he/she needs and helps them to resolve problems and conflict. It is evident that wasta has a long history of managing relations through mediation and interception. While acting as an intermediary, the wasta gains honor, but the person receiving the favor incurs a debt of gratitude that might have be repaid in the future.

Wasta is becoming one of the leading and killer social diseases in Qatar community. This has been attributed to the fact that wasta, just as any deadly virus, is attacking and feeding on the key structures that make Qatar community to function. Therefore, it has put the existence of Qatar community in a critical peril. This is so because Qatar is among the rapid developing nations relying on limited but available resources and funds. These resources and funds were originally earmarked for schools, hospitals, industries, and similar infrastructural frameworks. However, an in-depth assessment reveals that these resources were out rightly misappropriated, embezzled and severely exploited and depleted through over-invoicing or kickbacks by agents of the government. Moreover, business firms, which are against wasta, are being stifled; it is ironical that this nefarious trend is destroying firms operating in different industries. This has halted or led to considerable delays in Qatar's economic progress thus ultimately affecting economic development. Perhaps, what has caused more damage and catalyzed this trend is corrupt politicians and other leaders who have created a pattern of clinging onto power. They are doing this in spite knowing that they are engaging in activities that violate open scrutiny of the government. These leaders have become desperate in their pursuit for self-preservation ultimately leading to citizens who are ruthlessly depressed and movements advocating for accountability and democracy.

Evolution of wasta in Qatar community

Wasta is increasingly gaining momentum in Qatar community. Wasta is manifested in heritage, idiosyncrasies, culture, sayings, beliefs, conduct, practices, and pathos of Qatar community. Wasta is reflected by the ostentatious lifestyles of the community members, to be precise, squandering wealth. It is evident that frequent low degrees of wasta can be seen on the streets of Qatar, by police officers who engage in extorting monetary incentives from drivers for supplementing their little wages. For centuries, oil has been a massive source of government revenues, still in the community; millions of populations are languishing in poverty as the government experiences inadequate basic infrastructures.

Wasta in Qatar community, especially in public offices dates back from contemporary Qatar. Allegations of civil servants engaging in corrupt practices and security officers including the police have an overshadowing history in a series of unaccountable, abusive, and corrupt government. Similarly, stealing funds meant for the public and electronic grand theft characterized most institutions in Qatar community. It is clear that wasta level in Qatar community has attained a record proportion. Wasta level is consistent with detailed surveys done by organizations of transparency international. These organizations have rated that Qatar is the ninth corrupt country in the world; it is among the top ten corrupt world nations in the last few years.

Implications of Wasta

There are many implications of wasta on the socio-economic and political developments in Qatar community. Because of the increased practices of wasta, the good image of Qatar community has been tarnished. This has not spared Qataris at home and abroad. Qatar community has been through critical situations and cannot quantify the assortment of figures and facts evidencing how leaders are engaged in wasta trends. An Arabian blog is viewing wasta as, "Friend of the bright lawyers and enemy of the ordinary." The blog members feel that wasta is a disease to the community with no medication to treat it and no vaccination to prevent it. A member had performed research and reported that wasta was a phenomenon where ordinary citizens could not accomplish anything without it. Members of the Qatari community have seen wasta as promoting laziness. Young citizens have relied heavily on wasta instead of solving their problems and using wasta to communicate their interest to the government for change in society. They claim that wasta kills the spirit of challenge in individuals. The citizens have become convinced that they must use wasta to solve problems and cannot do it on their own.

Thread, a forum hosted by Digital Spy is being used by young people as a vehicle to depend on wasta and is being viewed as killer of society. People have become comfortable with wasta by using the influence for personal gain from influential members, and gaining tremendous dependence on the prestigious members of the community. It has become easy for the young generation to depend on wasta and not work out their issues. The members feel wasta is taking away citizen rights where citizens cannot live without it. They feel that wasta only be used to pass on their interest, not to solve personal problems or have an intervention into family conflict issues. However, the members feel that it is impossible to get eradicate wasta because it has been around for a long time.

Where wasta has been an intermediary for the Qatar population, it has also caused problems with citizens depending on it and not learning to accomplish goals and work out their own problems. It has also become a government corruption zone in politicians concentrating on satisfying the voting population. Although there is little research, most citizens view wasta as a government corruption, but still feel it is a need for citizens, especially in conveying an interest in the political arena. Politicians use the wasta as a way to gain votes into the Parliament. They use their own governmental influence to gain successful employment for their family and tribal members, who, in turn, do nothing, or remarkably little, except draw a salary. The wasta members only work when called upon, which is not all the time. The wasta population has become extensive because of so many politicians employing members from their own families and tribes. Citizens use wasta against politicians to get what they want and need. This, in turn, has caused maladministration in the government. Politicians spend the majority of their time satisfying citizens to retain the voting population that government administration duties are ignored. Many of the politicians become overwhelmed in efforts to meet the demands of the citizens supporting them with votes, which has caused what some say is corruption.

Causes of wasta in Qatar community

In Qatar community, wasta is attributed to countless cultural and political variables including:

Weird culture and value system: In Qatar community, it is unavoidable for an individual to become corrupt. This is because ethics is relaxed in the community and a majority of citizens is forced to struggle to survive because the state does not provide any assistance. People have an urge to become wealthy, use inappropriate means to gain affluence, approbation and glorification ill-gotten affluence are among the leading reasons for the increment of wasta in Qatar community. In Qatar community, one of the unfortunate but common indications of good lifestyle is conspicuous and flamboyant affluence. For this reason, most people engage in ill activities such as moneymaking and ritual murders.

System of reward: Greed and power system of reward is a critical facet. The reward system of Qatar community is the worst across the world. There is no regular payment for employees. In this community, the priorities of the nations are overturned. Citizens are not rewarded for their hard work, but uncouth individuals and rogues are often rewarded. This cannot be attributed to factors such as inadequate capabilities because the problem is…

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