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Web 2.0

The Business Uses of Cloud Computing and Web 2.0

When it comes to being successful in the business world, there are many options companies can use. Two of the most significant and most widely considered today are cloud computing and Web 2.0. Cloud computing offers companies a chance to store a high level of data "in the cloud," instead of keeping it on their own servers. Because of that, these companies are able to collect much more information about customers, and are also able to provide those same customers with a great deal more knowledge (and faster speed) than they would otherwise be able to offer (Hassan, 2011). Companies that operate the cloud do so through the use of sophisticated servers, that are generally much faster than what a smaller company could afford on its own. That gives the customers of that company a higher chance of getting what they need, and a better opportunity to move forward without a lot of delays on a particular company's website (Hassan, 2011).

When cloud computing is coupled with Web 2.0, it can be an even better choice. That is due to the fact that Web 2.0 provides for true customer interaction (Gehl, 2011). Instead of just offering static web pages that can be read and that is it, there are other options. The interactive nature of Web 2.0 makes it an excellent choice for nearly any type of company (Gehl, 2011). It includes social media, but also other ways a company can reach out to its customers -- and those companies can also reach out to the company. Being able to "talk" to a company and get answers and information about it from people who actually work there can be extremely valuable for anyone who wants to do business with that company. It can also make consumers feel as though they are valued, and they will be much more likely to spend money when they feel like a company values them and their business (Gehl, 2011). The speed of cloud computing and the interaction of Web 2.0 make a great combination.

Organizations use both cloud computing and Web 2.0 to reach customers more quickly and easily, and to encourage customers to reach out to them, as well. The technology required to operate cloud computing is not expensive or complex for the companies that put their information in the cloud. They generally pay a fee to operate in the cloud, and that allows them to use servers that they do not own or have access to (Hassan, 2011). By doing that, they are much better able to focus on the other aspects of their business, as opposed to being too worried about the quality of their servers. They can have significantly less downtime, and they will be much more likely to have customers who are satisfied, because those customers are getting what they need and want from the interactions they have with the company (Hassan, 2011). Cloud computing is not free, but it is often less expensive than a company attempting to purchase…

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