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Web Health Care

Located in Wichita, Kansas, Via Christi Health is the agency that serves the eponymous region through the site via-christi.org. Via Christi provides care through hospitals, outpatient centers, senior communities, and in-home care for individuals in Kansas. The services the agency provides a VCMA directory, which encompasses a search for physicians through Via Christi Medical Associates and the Via Christi Clinic, along with the Via Christi Hospitals. Via Christi Medical Associates is a group of fifty family practitioners, while Via Christi Clinics offer family care and immediate care. The thirteen clinics have been in place since 1948, 160 hired physicians, and encompassed 40 specialties. Via Christi agency offers a directory and location of special centers, which includes burn center, cancer care, cardiac care, and cystic fibrosis. As well, there's epileptology, neurosciences, obstetrics and gynecology, and occupational health services. Moreover, individuals are able to look up care for pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric neurology, radiology and imaging, sports medicine, stroke, transplant institute, and weight management.

The agency provides home care services to people who need aid but want to maintain a sense of independence. A program is offered and created called InMyHome, which helps to individualize a care plan for the patient. The Via Christi Home Care provides specialized and distinct health services and/or medical equipment to those who need it and seek it in their homes. The agency isn't just a place for people who seek medical information and location but also for those who are interested in research. Via Christi offers information and services regarding the Via Christi Research, which reveals research services being done at the Wichita Clinical Community Oncology Program or WCCOP, the Via Christi Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, and the Orthopaedic Research Institute. The Via Christi Research is also involved in advancing and studying treatment for AIDS, cardiovascular disease, psychiatry, anesthesiology, and a variety of other illnesses.

The agency and its services fit in the continuum of care by offering the aforementioned services in the Kansas area and beyond. Via Christi's website offers a map that illustrates locations of hospitals, senior villages and programs, health services, and physicians clinics. As well, the agency's site helps access such information in such an easy manner by providing the address, phone number, and contact information. The real of care offered by Via Christi is undeniable and is appropriate in terms of providing a service to the people of Wichita in that it not only serves those who are sick in the community via hospitals and clinics but also helps to ease the life of seniors. Via Christi offers senior communities, whether it is through independent living, assisted living, memory care, or nursing care. The first offers seniors homes, duplexes, and should they want, communal living service. Via Christi also provides a list of places that offer community living, whether it is the Catholic Care Center or in Manhattan, Kansas, the agency offers not only its services but also a wealth of information. The second offers seniors a service in which they don't need to live independently for they may need a little help with day-to-day activities, and assisted living is the feasible option. The third offers services to those who are diagnosed and living with Alzheimer's or dementia. The fourth provides services for those who need long-term care and rehabilitation needs. Therefore, Via Christi takes care of its community in immense measures in terms of health and needs.

The resource options provided by the website were mentioned previously from finding and looking up a doctor to locating hospitals to searching a particular specialty center. However, the site also offers a place for patients and visitors to seek information about services. Under patients, the site lets them know what is needed for admissions, a telephone directory for Via Christi Hospitals, billing and financial services, the rights and responsibilities of the patient, events at Via Christi, and health resources for him or her. In terms of admissions, the patient will read and understand the policies and procedures in terms of being assigned a room to calling his or her nurse, meals, television usage, and cell phone use. Moreover, the patient will be able to access information about pre-registration and scheduling at hospitals, and patient registration.

The health resources offered to patients range from information about detecting cancer like prostate, skin, and a symptom checker to the WCCOP. As well, resources about diet and nutrition, which is information that offers a recipe library, and there's a program called A Healthier You that offers health education classes for all patients of all ages. As well, there are resources for women's health, which offers the latest information, and causes,...


Services for men's health is offered by having a list of recommended checkups for those from eighteen to eighty-years old. Such services include a check up for abdominal aortic aneurysm, colorectal cancer, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and overweight and obesity. There are also services and resources for parents regarding vaccinations needed for college students and young adults, and classes for those who are expecting or who are parents to newborns. Physical health isn't the only thing Via Christi is concerned with about their patients but also mental health, which is why resources and services are offered in regards to senior connection.

The site definitely provides community information, for example, Via Christi offers community health education, which is accessible and available for all ages. Education courses range from A Healthier You to Diabetes Education, AARP Driver Safety Program, Shapedown Classes for Children, and a program called You Have A Lot to Gain by Losing Weight. The first is a health education calendar published every two months that lists about health fairs, information, and health screenings available in the community. The second offers information about how patients who have diabetes can live well with it, along with how to meal plan, conduct blood glucose testing, and activities to improve his or her health. The third is for those who are fifty and over and need resources in regards to driving. The fourth is where parents can bring their children who are overweight, and learn about nutrition, being active, self-esteem, and weight loss in a healthy manner, and family communication, while the last program is about learning medical weight management. Moreover, further education courses for the community include Surgical Weight Loss Session, Financial Your Future, Caregiver Chat, Boot Camp for New Dads, Look Good…Feel Better, Do I Have a Problem with Sleep?, Varicose Veins: Now You See Them, Now You Don't, Advance Directive, and Parkinson's Disease Series Living with Parkinson's Disease. The first is about the options to address severe obesity, which includes surgical choices. The second is about ways to finance so he or she may do things in their retirement years, whether it is traveling or volunteering. The third is a way for caregivers to meet other fellow caregivers, and a way to not only exchange ideas or questions and concerns but a way to discuss topics and communicate. The fourth is a session for men who are becoming dads for the first time, and informs them how to deal with not just the stress but how to help their wives out, bond with the baby, and advice on undergoing this journey as a father. The fifth program teaches women how to cope with cancer, and the side effects of treatment. The sixth is a program to discuss and address sleep apnea and the cost on one's health. The seventh is about learning a surgery that offers a solution to varicose veins, while the eighth program is a conversation regarding a health care decision made by the attendant's loved one. The last program is an educational course about Parkinson's and ways to better control his or her body. Furthermore, there are resources like Cardiac Nutrition Class, Introduction to Lymphedema, Spiritual Strengths Cancer Care Program, and a variety of support groups for amputee, arthritis, cva/stroke, music therapy, and sleep support. The first is about heart health, which not only helps the attendants learn and understand about cholesterol, fiber, and healthy oils but also how to increase whole grains, read food labels, cook low-fat, and how to make the best healthy choice when eating out that's beneficial to the heart. The second class is about the prevention and treatment of lymphedema, which is relevant and associated with the lympathic system. The third session regards spiritual enhancement for those seeking medical and psychological cancer care.

The site was very informative and helpful in providing a better understanding of the services available because information is available but at times it gets overwhelming due to the overabundance. I thoroughly enjoyed the description of the aforementioned programs, but it wasn't done in such an overwhelming manner. As well, I enjoyed the easy access of information regarding looking up a physician, or the location of hospitals or clinics in the community. Moreover, Via Christi makes available a calendar of events, whether…

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