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AVON -- Foreign Markets

The marketing strategies that the reading assignment offers include Avon's style of selling -- which is direct sales door-to-door -- and the women who sell door-to-door actually go back to the home where they sold and deliver the products. Another strategy is to sell using the Internet (personal web pages), and selling to friends, colleagues and family (Chapter 16, p. 622). Also, using universities in China, Japan, Australia and Thailand to be part of the development of new products is highly relevant to Avon's global initiatives. Keeping original product names is a wise move for Avon; though they bought Justine in South Africa, they kept "Justine" as the brand (623). Running short campaigns is also smart marketing, because prices can be quickly adjusted based on how inflation is eating into consumers' pocketbooks (623). Using billboards and media advertising is what many companies do, is a wise move in foreign markets. Even going to the lengths of sponsoring global summits, showing they really care about the lives of women worldwide by aiding in the fight to defeat breast cancer and domestic violence is brilliant (624).

Question Two: Avon is dependent on foreign markets because, according to Chapter 16, the potential for growth in the United States was not seen as viable. Why? Because the competition with other beauty-related companies was considered unwise; the Chapter 16 narrative says that Avon preferred to go overseas because there was far less competition there and yet huge...


While door-to-door operations are still viable, especially in foreign markets, those door-to-door Avon ladies are competing against "a growing online channel" of Internet-related companies, Shayon writes. Working women are often not at home to receive a personal call from an Avon lady, so these women in this socioeconomic group find it convenient to buy products online from Beauty.com, Drugstore.com (Walgreen's companies), and Sephora.com (Shayon). The demographics show that women over 65 still prefer Avon products, and they relate to the person-to-person sales strategies of Avon. But millions of younger women prefer to buy online. As Forbes' journalist Richard Levick writes, Avon's "…delivery system is outmoded" (Levick, 2012). "If Avon is to join the 21st century, it's got a big task on its hands," Levick writes.

Question Four: A global recession (like the one that began in 2008) can be disastrous for Avon. Recently Avon's earnings "…plunged 70%" because of exchange rates on its foreign investments and because in 2012 the world was just beginning to pull out of the recession (Forbes YCharts, 2012). Also, "…fewer women bought its makeup from its army of discontented door-to-door saleswomen" (Forbes, 2012). Also, Avon has been involved in a bribery scandal overseas, and that has hurt its reputation (Forbes, 2012).

Question Five: There is a serious question today as to whether or not Avon really has competitive advantages. All the recent journalism research shows that Avon is not in a situation…

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