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killed Jesus? (Outline)

Who was Jesus?

Was he human? Was he God or a part of God?

What was His mission?

Why was he on a Mission?

How is Contemporary Man related to Christ's Mission?

Who Were Against Him?

Why were they against Him? What did these people accuse Jesus of?

What was the penalty for the crime that Jesus allegedly committed?

How was Jesus brought to trial?

Who were the people responsible for Jesus' case reaching trial?

Who Judged Him? Who executed Him?

Who Really Killed Jesus?

Who really killed Jesus?

The actual truth about past events, as far as accuracy is concerned, is difficult to guarantee. This is because of the fact that one cannot really rely on accounts that may have been recorded with bias. However, the records about the life of Christ, His trial, and His death, are believed to be considerably accurate. This may be asserted because of the fact that, to a great extent, the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, directly relate to each other in descriptions of events that took place in the life of Christ. Also, whatever came to pass in the life of Christ was prophesized in the Jewish scriptures much in advance of Christ's birth. Hence, there is little room left for skepticism if one takes into account the authenticity of dates and times in these recordings.

1. Who was Jesus?

Jesus was actually a prophet whose entrance to this mortal world was prophesized in the Jewish scriptures generations before He was born. He was born to His mother Mary, and had a father named Joseph. The Christian belief is that Joseph was not Jesus' real father, as it is believed that God filled Mary's womb. The Jews of that time were unaware of this 'Immaculate Conception' that took place with Mary. Perhaps they believed that Jesus was born like all other humans are. However, they (the Jews) did not accept Jesus for what He was or claimed to be; the ones who believed became his followers and therefore, are called Christians (followers of Christ).

Was he human? Was he God or a part of God?

Jesus was not really human even though He had flesh and bones. He could not have possibly been human as his birth was the result of 'The Immaculate Conception'. Being born into a mortal body did not really mean that Jesus was human, as he also held special powers that God granted Him. He could perform miracles like all other prophets, but the difference was that He could perform miracles that other prophets could not. An example of this is when he made people rise from the dead. In addition to his deeds, Jesus also spoke with conviction that had authority about it. However, this was not mere conviction, as the gospels along with other books in the bible reveal the fact that Jesus was not human. Apparently, it was a mission that He was on, and it was through His form of presence that He was able to carry out what was prophesized in the scriptures. Considering this explanation, there are numerous verses that refer to Jesus as God or assign divinity to Him: Isa 7:14; 9:6; Jer 23:5; Matt 1:22f; John l:l; 5:18; 20:28; Acts 20:28.

2. What was His mission?

Jesus' mission was to die for man's sins. This point is in tandem with the prophecies made about Him in the Jewish scriptures, and had to be fulfilled.

Why was he on a Mission?

Jesus was on a mission in order to save mankind. By dying for man's sins, Jesus proclaimed that man will have a chance of salvation. Without this, mankind would be doomed because of sin. Hence, it may be asserted that it is not only because of the people living in the days of Jesus that He (Jesus) had to die for man's sin, but also because of contemporary man. This is what gives contemporary man a chance of salvation too.

How is Contemporary Man related to Christ's Mission and Death?

In the times of Jesus, the Jews and everyone else were the ones that Christ had died for, and they were also the ones responsible for his death. If Christians today believe that Jesus died for them as well, then it could be said that contemporary Christians and Jews as well are responsible for Christ's death.

3. Who Were Against Him?

Particularly, it…

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