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Windows 7 Workgroup Consultation Setting up a Windows 7 workgroup network is an effective way to manage user accounts for multiple computer users. There are several steps that should be implemented, however, to ensure the security and integrity of the network. Taking the necessary precautions will make it far more likely that the network operates in an efficient manner for the foreseeable future.

Setting up User Accounts

When the computer is initially set up, an Administrator account will be created. This will be Sally Chu's account for each computer and she will provide a user name and a password to be used for that specific account. It can be the same for each of the computer's, but she is the only one who should know the password for the Administrator account. For each other user on that particular computer, a Standard user account can be created with its own user name and password for the employee. A Standard account allows access to the full capabilities of the computer but restricts the user from making any changes to system settings; installing, uninstalling, or configuring software or hardware; and accessing other user's folders and files (Phillips, 2011, p.446).

Dual Authentication

Dual authentication provides an added layer of security beyond simply entering a password. With dual authentication you still enter a password but then you must also verify your identity in another way, usually...


Biological property can be obtained through the use of a fingerprint reader or retina scanner. This provides an excellent level of security, since someone may be able to steal a password but it would be exceedingly difficult to obtain a finger or eye. However, the equipment necessary for reading fingerprints or scanning eyes is expensive and would need to be purchased for each of the six staff members.
The electronic token is usually a smart card, which is inserted into a reader attached to the computer. Windows 7 has built-in support for most of the major new features for smart card use, including Plug-and-Play and encryption methods (Panek, 2011). While this also offers an added level of security beyond password authentication, it is not as secure as fingerprint or retina scanning, since it is possible that someone could physically steal both a password and the smart card. While the smart card still requires that a reader be purchased for each of the six staff members, these readers cost significantly less than fingerprint scans or retina scanners.

Security Modifications to Internet Explorer

Outside attacks can come in many different sizes and shapes. Many of the latest outside threats attack Java vulnerabilities. Internet Explorer 8 allows you to configure your browser to disable Java and that should be done. Other threats can…

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