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Queen Jiang and Deng Chanyu were both strong women in the story but their strength lied in different things. The Queen was more virtuous which gave her a lot of perseverance and Deng Chanyu was a skilled and strong fighter that allowed to remain active till the end.

Queen Jiang

Brief summary of the major events that the Queen went through.

Relation of her part in the story with her compassion and devotion to being virtuous.

Extensive overview of the personality of the Queen and her relations with her husband and how it affected both of them.

Deng Chanyu

Brief summary of the events that Deng Chanyu went through.

There is discussion about the personality traits and characteristics of Deng Chanyu.

A correlation between the personality of Deng Chanyu and major events in her life is made.

Comparison and Contrast

A. The similarities present between the Queen and Deng Chanyu are discussed.

B. The difference present between Deng Chanyu and the Queen are discussed and explained.

C. The overall comparison and contrast between the two women is made and the discussion is concluded.

Chinese story

The two women that are to be compared in the story are Queen Jiang and Deng Chanyu. They are both relevant to the story because of their affiliations in the political realm and their overall role in the Creation of Gods.

Jiang, Queen of King Xuan of Zhou

The Queen was victim to quite extensive plotting by those around her. Seeing how she was quite devoted and involved with her husband, she was framed in the murder of the King. Daji along with Fei Zhong and the servant Jiang Huan worked together to create a murder plan for the King. They all worked together to make a fake assassination plot such that the King would not but the blame would be put on the Queen. The plot that they created worked to some extent but Queen remains adamant on her stance.

All the accusations that were brought up against her, the Queen denied them no matter what the situation got. Daji even threatened her that the King will take out one of her eyes if the Queen didn't confess, but she didn't listen. Even after one of her eye was taken out, she did not confess. The torture went on to another level when the Queen was threatened that her hands would be burned off. Daji still was successful in convincing the King that her hands should be burned. The Queen even withstood that torture and was quiet even after her hands were burned down to ash. All of these wounds ultimately led to the death of the Queen and she passed away still without accepting the plot that she as framed in. This brief overview of the Queen therefore shows that the Queen was a woman of strength and self-dignity. She would rather have herself torture and burned instead of admit to something that she had not done. She loved her husband and therefore would did not want to give in the plot that she was being set up in. This shows not only her devotion to her honor but to the relation that she had with her husband as well.

Daughter of the emperor that ruled the state of Qi who was also the queen of King Xuan of Zhou is one of the most significant women in the Chinese history. In the present day, the state of Qi forms the north of the Shandong Province. On the other hand, Zhou forms the part of central China today. Jiang is famous because of her virtue and talent and it has been stated by most historians that she took the blame for the improper behavior of her husband; which was his coming to court late. The habit of her husband of going to bed late to bed with Jiang and therefore rising late was the main reason behind the failure of their propriety. She quite tactful in bringing up this issue with her husband as she said that the court would...


She also believed that this kind of behavior was the not the way to handle the issue of states and would only result in more disorder. The fact that this disorder was associated with him was something that constantly bothered her. She was often seen to tell her husband that this order was coming from her and that she had the courage to accept her mistakes (Jin-cang). On the other hand, King Xuan was always up for taking the criticism of his wife, however he did not approve of her guilt as he believed that the disorder was not because of her but because of his own weaknesses. Moreover, he also used to say that she should not the take the blame of something that she is not responsible for. After this disorder, and after the criticism, Jiang was successful in convincing his husband to actively participate in the affairs of state. He started to rejuvenate late and he allowed Jiang to leave his chambers after sunrise (Chen 171).

For her virtuous behavior, Jiang has always been praised by almost all the historians and analysts in their books and writings. She is one of the best examples of women that had been blamed for the undesirable and lustful behavior of their partners.

Deng Chanyu

Deng Chanyu is Deng Jiugong's daughter and a childhood friend of Huang Tianhua. As a woman, she is very determined and strong minded about what she has to do. Keeping this in mind, she works hard to polish her talents in marital arts. Because she is a very strong minded woman, her dominant personality often surfaces which leads her to become bossy. Seeing how she has worked to improve her skills in martial arts, it is quite obvious that is slightly tomboyish as well. Even though she claims to be a rather weak woman, she is internally strong and amicable at the same time.

Even though she is strong and skilled in fighting, she does have feelings which ultimately cause her to be infatuated with Taigong Wang. She is faced with a tough choice to go do her father's duty or stay with her lover. This shows that even though Deng Chanyu was a woman with strong feelings, family was often the first priority for her.

"Taigong Wang was with me the whole time. He comforted me when my father died, and I was able to get through my loss. So, when he went on a journey after the war, he naturally invited me to go with him. But I couldn't leave my father's post unguarded so I stayed behind. Ah, we're like star-crossed lovers. Our hearts are always one."

Even though her father gives her hand in marriage to the Earth traveller in a drunken state, she still goes ahead with it. The armies try to plan in such a way so that Jiang Ziya would be captured however the attack goes wrong and Deng Chanyu is ultimately captured and wed to Earth traveler that night. The strength of her personality is also visible when Deng Chanyu still tries to talk to her father and urges him to surrender. She ignores her own condition and the state that she is in, but is more worried about the father and his army.

Therefore in urging him to surrendering to West Qi and the continue serving King Wu. Later on, it is seen that Deng Chanyu accompanies her husband while the Shang Army is attacked brutally by Zheng Lun. Even though she has been through her share of fights, she still manages to escape the wrath of Zhang Lun by damaging her with one of her pebbles. Deng Chanyu continued fighting in King Wu's army until she was one of the last people to be killed by Gao langying. Due to this reason, she was given the title of Goddess of the six combinations Star.

When inquired about her personality, an old friend of Deng, Huang said that there were many occasions when she acted like a cry baby. She also said that the two friends were quite like each other when they were young and had many tidbits in common. She also claimed that Deng always used to lend her a shoulder to cry on. Since Huang and Deng both had immense respect for Taigong Wang, they often ended up in having arguments over him, even though these arguments were quite minor and were often based on their discussion of who knew him the most (Yejiaoshou.).

Majority of the quotes by Deng Chanyu in the story have a lot to do with her courage and ability to fight. She is very determined and focused on her fighting such that her life revolves around it.…

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