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Screening for breast cancer before there are symptoms is very important. Screening helps doctors find and treat cancer in its early stages. Treatment is more likely to be successful when the cancer is detected early. A doctor may suggest any of the following screening tests for breast cancer: screening mammogram, clinical breast exam, beast self-exam (Stoppler, 2009).

Mammograms can often show a breast lump before it can even be felt. A mammogram is a picture of the breast that is made with an x-ray. It can also show a cluster of tiny deposits of calcium. These deposits are known as micro calcifications. Lumps can be from cancer, precancerous cells, or a host of other conditions. Further tests may be needed to find out if abnormal cells are present. Women in their 40s and older should have mammograms every 1 to 2 years (Stoppler, 2009).

During a clinical breast exam the health care provider will check the breasts. They will be looking for differences in size or shape between the breasts. The skin of the breasts will be checked for rashes, dimpling, or other abnormal signs. The nipples may be squeezed to check for fluid discharge. Using the pads of the fingers to feel for lumps, the health care provider will check the entire breast, underarm, and collarbone area. A lump is generally the size of a pea before it can be felt. The exam is done on both sides. The health care provider checks will also check the lymph nodes near the breast to see if they are enlarged (Stoppler, 2009).

It is important for a person to perform monthly breast self-exams to check for any changes in the breasts. Changes can occur because of aging, one's menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, or the taking birth control pills or other hormones. It is normal for breasts to feel a little lumpy or uneven. It is also common for the breasts to be swollen and tender right before or during the menstrual period. One should contact their health care provider if they notice any...


Breast self-exams should not replace regular screening mammograms and clinical breast exams (Stoppler, 2009).

There are many risk factors that are associated with beast cancer. These can run from lifestyle choices to genetics. Knowing what the risk factors are and partaking in early detection procedures is the best way to fight breast cancer. The preventive actions that can be taken include: mammograms, clinical screenings, and self-examinations. Early detection is the key to successful treatment.

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women and should be looked at very carefully. Awareness of breast cancer is very important so that people know what the risks are and how they can decrease their chances having breast cancer. Education is the key to awareness. The more that people know the more informed that they will be about the choices and decisions that they make in their lives.


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