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¶ … women stay abusive relationships briefly cover steps remedy situation. (Approx 1000 words). General opinions over the reason women choose to remain within abusive relationships may differ. For outsiders, these women may appear exaggeratedly naive or perhaps weak. However, it is also generally understood that women who end up struggling with their husband/partner's abusive behavior are subject to specific psychological typologies. These may have been brought up and educated by highly authoritative parents, in a restricted environment but as well by over protecting parents. In both of these cases, the women's survival and conservation instinct may have not completely developed as to display the warning signs of when someone encroaches upon their liberties. Before women can become aware of the abuse, it is likely that a fair amount of time has passed and most would now fear to end the abusive relationship being primarily concerned for their children. Other women may also believe that their partner can change. Likewise, there may be cases when women have become fully dependent of the relationship and feel unable to end it. We can also argue that it is the level of the abusiveness that may decide upon a woman's choice. And, in such cases, the more violent the behavior toward women, the more unlikely it is for them to end the relationship due to fear.

What must be understood is that women are, most of the times, treated as such at the beginning of a relationship that they become convince of the genuine feelings of their partners. Indeed, it appears that there is nothing that the man in cause would not do to please his companion. This could include conferring a high sense...


It is unlikely that men would reveal any violent behavior at the beginnings of the relationships. Signs that lead to restrictions, limits, and eventually acts of violence are most commonly to occur in a step-by-step process and usually, with moderation. The more women come to the realization that there are other options or needs outside the relationship, the more threatening and violent the men's behavior can become. By this time, the reason women find it so very difficult to escape the relationship is because of the psychological abuse they have already suffered, the verbal abuse, emotional, etc. It is important to understand also that some men may inoculate women with all sort of direct and subliminal messages, especially when they realize their partner's level of self-esteem. When a woman is reluctant in her own power and security, when she needs confirmation and perhaps is remotely dependent on other people, an abusive man may use these features to his advantage. He could in fact constantly repeat and threaten the woman that she is powerless and defenseless without him, that she could not manage outside the relationship, etc. These recurring situations may indeed convince women that such is the case, especially when women have led a life of limitations and restrictions when it was always the man taking all the decisions. Consequently, a woman can develop such feelings of insecurity that she assimilates these suggestions and develops false convictions.
If a man's abusive behavior toward his partner occurs gradually, it is also…

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