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Workflow Anaysis

Workflow Analysis Of A Selected Nursing Activity

Workflow Analysis:

The Tele-Management System

Medication errors have resulted to numerous injuries, which has led to some healthcare providers adopting IT systems such as electronic records and information systems as a measure to minimize the errors. The adoption of these technologies involves several stakeholders, but most importantly, the informatics nurses. These nurses play an important role in optimization by representing the needs of clinicians. In addition, they also assist in improving technological solutions in case of technological hitches with the IT systems. When hospitals adopt technology solutions, it will influence their workflow process (McGonigle and Mastrian, 2012).

The informatics nurses come in to redesign the workflow to accommodate the solution, through evaluation of tasks that will require the utilization of technology. However, the solutions adopted should allow for exchange of information across different hospitals to improve or eliminate dependence on one hospital. This means that an individual's data concerning health is accessible in any hospital setting. Prior studies suggest that the use of technology in healthcare provision will lead to improved healthcare quality, reduce costs and reduce medical errors. Nevertheless, the studies emphasize that this is only achievable if the implementation of the technology is comprehensive (Hussain, 2011).

Tele-management Workflow

The system comprises of a Bluetooth, patent support system, data repository and decision support system, and the physician reporting and alerting system. The Bluetooth has an enabled BP monitoring device and a programmable mobile. The phone receives home readings, conveyed wirelessly from the monitor and subsequently sends them safely to the server. On the phone, the patients can access and review previous data. At the back of the system, there is a server, which collects results from the patient's devices, stores them in a database and subsequently acts appropriately by applying some medical rules on the BP monitoring routine and alerts. The rules initiate events that the reporting and alerting component handles (Logan et al., 2007).

Flowchart of Tele-management Workflow

Tele-Management Model

Nursing Activity: Controlling Blood Pressure

Uncontrolled hypertension is a significant challenge to health and healthcare systems in the globe. In addition, blood pressures (BP) in most of the states in the globe show that

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