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Learning & Assessment Skills

It is very important for high school juniors and seniors -- including students from a diversity of ethnic and cultural backgrounds -- to be immersed in exercises and scholarly challenges that help them gain mastery on the English Language. Whether they seek careers as surgeons or professional truck drivers, they should leave high school with language skills -- including pronunciation, comprehension, and the ability to apply the language -- that will be the foundation of their competencies when it comes to communication. What they learn and how they are able to apply their knowledge will be assessed in this lesson.

Assessment and Lesson Plan -- AP World Hinduism

This class focuses on Advanced Placement World Religion, but in its revised format it will incorporate learning assessment features that are part of the class work and course expectations. Students and instructors can gain from assessments; students gain because they need to believe they are accomplishing something of value, and instructors gain due to the feedback and other results that show up when proper assessment strategies are embraced.

Day 1 through Day 10: Review of Hinduism -- Beliefs and Rituals

Learning Outcomes

Students are expected to understand the beliefs and the terms that are used in Hinduism and the salient behaviors practiced by those in the Hindu faith. They will study the


They will be assessed as to their grasp of the materials on a daily basis.


Students will be asked to write creative essays -- using fictional characters but factual materials based on their understanding of Hinduism -- as part of the assessment that the instructor must assign. In the Framework for 21st Century Revision (262) creativity is emphasized along with critical thinking skills. These essays will help students elaborate, refine, and analyze their ideas -- in creative ways -- of what the Hindu religion represents as a world faith. In Chapter 3 (Assessment in the 21st Century) of the text, there is a focus on Goal-Referenced feedback, which students and the instructor will discuss vis-a-vis what each student has as a goal in this essay. This writing task tests the way in which students think resourcefully as they draw upon their own intellectual powers to create characters and settings that show their mastery of…

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