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Can a synthesis essay question be a hypothetical question? for example, "What effect will the Covid-19 vaccines have against the Covid-19 mutations


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A synthesis essay is a type of essay that uses a variety of different sources to support a central claim.  The central claim must be well-supported within the synthesis essay, even if it is not the most likely claim or generally assumed to be true outside of the essay.  Writing a synthesis essay has two main parts: synthesizing sources and supporting your main claim.

It is possible to write a synthesis essay about a hypothetical claim, but it will be more difficult to find the literature to support your claim. That is because you will not be finding direct evidence to support your claim.  For example, if you are writing about what effect the COVID-19 vaccines will have against the COVID-19 mutations, you are simply not going to be able to find information on that because the research has not been done. However, for a synthesis essay you cannot write it as a question, but instead state a claim or hypothesis.  Your two obvious choices are that the COVID-19 vaccines will be effective at helping reduce the severity or spread of the COVID-19 mutations or that the COVID-19 vaccines will be ineffective against the COVID-19 mutations.  You can state the claim as a hypothesis, but you have to state a claim. 

Of course, you will not be able to find evidence that will directly support your claim.  However, what you can do is research on related topics.  For example, the coronavirus is fairly common and they have been giving vaccines to pets for coronavirus for years.  You could research in veterinary medical articles to see how that vaccine has helped handle mutations in the coronavirus disease.  The results in those articles would help you support the claim you want to make.

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