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Can you assist me with writing my abstract for an integrative theory essay?


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An integrative theory is any theory that combines the central concepts from two or more theories into a single theory.  While you may hear the term integrative theory used primarily in the social sciences, it is not specific to any discipline.  It is possible to use integrative theories in any science or social science and they can even be applied to the humanities. Therefore, one of the first things you want to do when writing any type of academic paper about an integrative theory is decide which theories will be part of your final theory.  Next, you really need to understand the function of an abstract in order to help you tackle this critical part of your paper. 

We find it helpful to think of abstracts like the blurb on the back of a paperback book.  The abstract should give the audience a good idea of what the paper will contain without giving away some of the critical information contained in the paper.  For example, while we are about to tell you that a conclusion is part of an abstract, some abstracts fail to tell what the conclusion of the research is so that the reader needs to actually read the paper to understand the conclusions that you have drawn. 

Your abstract needs to included five components.  It should describe your research problem and objectives to the audience.  It should briefly introduce the methods you are going to use to investigate.  It should hint at the results that you got from the research and the conclusion that you drew from those results.  Abstracts should also be brief; they are generally about as long as this answer, but some journals, professors, or style guides will have strict word limits, so make sure you follow those when writing your abstract.

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