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Rebuilding Organizational Character

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Our society today faces one great challenge, and that is cheating. You can call it unethical behaviour, institutional misconduct or deception, it all points to the same thing. We have of late witnessed extreme instances of cheating through our mainstream media, some of which have proven costly to the victims. Nevertheless, such unethical acts recur over and over again in our society. Not only by the immoral, but also by the so-called morally upright, whenever they find an opportunity to cheat (Gino, 2015)
It is interesting how the cheating behaviour is formed in different individuals. There are those who will never take advantage of the situation, even if they know for sure they will never be caught. This virtue must have been instilled from a very young age, perhaps by that teacher who always reminded his students, “Don’t deceive yourself.” The other group of people resort to cheating once the…… [Read More]


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Social Influences on Behaviour Social Influences on

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Social Influences on Behaviour

Social Influences on Behavior



People differ in their views and actions when they are responsible for them and when not. Particularly speaking in the context of society and group, people tend to adopt the most favorable behavior so that they are cherished for success and not blamed for failure. The psychological behavior changes from situation to situation.

Social Influences on Behavior

There is a famous saying man is a social animal. This saying is as true today as it was decades ago. This saying depicts complete psychological pattern of human being that they want to mix up with their fellow beings. They enjoy the company of their fellow beings and tend to learn from each other.

There is another famous saying birds of a feather flock together. This proverb shows another characteristic of human beings' psychology that they enjoy the company of those human…… [Read More]


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