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Can you help me with 10 topics for a literacy narrative that can also be used as a title?

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A literacy narrative is a type of autobiographical essay in a modified narrative essay format. It focuses on a person’s own experience with one or more aspects of literacy including speaking, writing, or reading. Your literacy narrative relates a personal experience and should help explain your development as a communicator, even if not as a writer or reader.

Some topic or title suggestions are:

  • Through the Wardrobe: How The Chronicles of Narnia Helped Introduce Me to the World of Fantasy
  • My Worst Book Boyfriends: An Examination of the Toxic Traits in the Male Characters I Love to Hate and Hate to Love
  • Every Breathe You Take: How I Learned that Beautiful Language Could Convey Ugly Sentiments in a Way the Audience Would Celebrate
  • Mourning the Death of My Grandmother Through Reading My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry
  • Blowing Open the Myth of Beauty in Abuse: How Viewing The Prince of Tide’s from Savannah’s Perspective Changed My Opinion of the Beauty of Conroy’s Voice
  • Who Decided Glorifying Suicide to Teens Was a Good Idea? How Reading Romeo and Juliet as a Teenager Almost Made Me Hate Shakespeare and 9th Grade English
  • Loving Liars and the Lies They Tell: An Exploration of Why a Person Who Hates Dishonesty in Real Life Loves Unreliable Narrators
  • Censorship Sucks: Having a Teacher Take a Book She Considered Inappropriate Away from Me Did Not Keep Me from Reading the Book, But It Did Keep Me from Trusting that Teacher
  • Flowers in the Attic- How the Heck Did a Book Series About Incest and Abuse Become So Popular for Middle School Kids?
  • Why Did It Take Me So Long to Figure Out the Doors in Where I Can’t Follow?

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