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Can you help me with topic ideas for an essay on leisure?


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Leisure is an interesting topic that spans many different areas.  On its own, leisure is big business.  Recreation and hospitality both represent huge sectors of the economy.  Leisure is also an important psycho-social issue.  It impacts family life, health, lifestyle, work-life balance, human resources, and many other issues.  Therefore, it is important to study leisure on its own and as a component of other factors.

Some titles and topic ideas for an essay on leisure include:

Compulsive Productivity- How an emphasis on work and hustling has degraded the concept of leisure time in the United States.

I Don’t Want to Grow Up- Is there a link between choice of leisure time activity and a person’s overall maturity?  If so, are there some hobbies that are “too young” for adults to enjoy.

Leisure and Learning- Should leisure time be spent in learning or other mind-growth activities, or does the brain require “mindless” leisure time to reduce stress, rest, and grow?

Leisure and Health- Is there a link between the number of hours a week people spend on leisure and their overall physical health? 

Work Hard, Play Hard- Does playing hard serve as a substitute for rest in leisure activities?  Are there benefits to playing hard.

Leisure as a Luxury- What are the class implications of the idea of leisure?  Does the United States still have a leisure class and lower classes that do not have routine access to leisure time?

Everybody’s Hustling- The current trend to monetize hobbies has helped many people turn their hobbies into extra sources of income.  Does doing so degrade the value of the hobby in terms of leisure and relaxation?

Work-Life Balance- How to vacation hours and PTO factor into employee decisions about employment offers?  Can offering additional PTO and respecting employee requests for PTO make companies more competitive with potential hires.

Leisure and Laziness- When does the balance tip between adequate free time and being seen as a non-contributing member of society?

Leisure and Mental Health- Is there a relationship between mental health and leisure?  Can excess amounts of leisure have a negative impact on mental health.

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