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Can you help me write a literature review on how far deforestation can be allowed?


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A literature review is a particular type of academic assignment. You need to find relevant literature for your topic, summarize it, and analyze it. Since your topic is deforestation, you want to search for literature on that topic for your literature review. However, you want to make sure you choose suitable types of literature. For an academic paper, that means focusing on peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and other scholarly works.

First, think about your central question. The query appears to concern the tipping point, where deforestation will have irreversible environmental consequences. In fact, deforestation is one of the significant topics that people discuss with climate change. So, you want to find articles that specifically address that topic. Next, because climate change is such a popular topic, many non-scientific resources are available. However, you want to focus on scientific peer-reviewed sources for a literature review. Your school may have an academic search engine to help you find those sources. If not, you can go to Google Scholar to find that information. Put deforestation and climate change into the search bar, and you will find dozens of relevant articles.

Next, you need to evaluate your sources. For a literature review, you want to discuss the study&39;s design and the conclusions. Perhaps even more importantly, you need to examine whether any relevant literature&39;s authors are biased. While most scientists believe that human activities drive climate change, some do not. They may present pseudo-scientific works. While a good literature review can contain an evaluation of those works, it should also discuss whether they have any bias. The whole purpose of the literature review is to summarize the body of work available about a particular topic and, from that literature, draw some conclusions or suggestions for future study.

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