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Changes in Priorities of Icao Since 1944 and Present

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History Of the Organization's Formation

Objectives of ICAO as Specified in the Chicago Convention

Enhancing Safety and Security in Civil Aviation

Development and Constant Evaluation of Aviation Standards and Policies

Implementation of Standards and Practices

Timely Response to Challenges

Additional Objectives

Changes in ICAO's Strategic Objectives

Safety Objective

Security Objective

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Objective

The International Civil Aviation Organization was formed in November 1944 by the conclusion of the Chicago Convention held in that year. This organization was formed because of the need for securing cooperation and standardization of global aviation policies and practices. The United States of America played a crucial role in the organization's formation by inviting several states to the Convention on international civil aviation standards, policies, and procedures. Out of the 44 States that attended the Chicago Convention, 32 States signed an agreement that paved the way for ICAO's creation.

ICAO was mandated with eight major objectives in its initial years of operation, which were mainly conducted by the Provisional International Civil Aviation before the signing permanent ratifications for the organization's creation. The structure of the organization has two major segments i.e. A sovereign body or The Assembly and a governing body or The…… [Read More]

"Annual Report of the Council." (2010). Documentation for the Session of the Assembly 2013.

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Change Process What When How and Why

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Change Process


Organizational Change

Change happens everywhere and all the time (Jeritt, 2013). Everybody knows and sees this and must cope with it. It is evident in one's private world and beyond it, in the large physical environment and elsewhere. Elsewhere includes structured environments like organizations where business is conducted and problems develop and seek solutions. Problems and change appear either at random or from cause, frequently or seldom. Organizations have adapted themselves to see where and how problems develop, their causes and prepare for these. Many have adopted a proactive posture towards problems in anticipating them (Jeritt). The one response that business organizations know they must make in problem situation is change. It may be a sudden one during rough and unexpected economic situation or a threatening competition. It may also be a graduate one, which comes from a build-up of an understanding of the process and the change event itself through time (Consador, 2013). The second type gives the organization a better chance to prepare for the change demanded by the situation. Gareth E. Jones and Jennifer M. George, authors of Contemporary Management, define organizational change as the progress of an organization from…… [Read More]

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Change Management Questionnaire

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Change Management

Describe at least three internal and external drivers of change for the organization in this simulation.

Internally, organizational changes are driven by three external pressures, as defined by Lewin's along the three-stage model of unfreezing, changing and refreezing employee behaviors. Motivating people during each of these change stages reinforces the acquired behaviors. Unfreezing involves the motivational factor of persuading people to replace the old behaviors and attitude with the preferred behaviors and attitudes by demonstrating the need for change by infusing employees with the knowledge and the confidence that the new behaviors and attitudes are needed to cope with external pressures. (Kreitner and Kinicki, 2004). Then, refreezing means the new behavior and attitude become integrated into the normal standard operating procedures of the organization. Then, the external pressures of positive reinforcement, modeling and coaching should be used to encourage the desired behaviors continuance. 'Change and constancy are relative concepts; group life is never without change, merely differences in the amount and type of change exist' (Burnes, 2004) Internally, changing behavior involves instilling current employees with new data, behavioral models and new concepts to make them willing to change.

The organization in question was in a continuous state of…… [Read More]

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Change Cycle in an Organization As Literature

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Change Cycle in an Organization:

As literature (Anderson 2001, Gelinas 1998, Olson 2001, Smith 1997) refers that process of organizational change starts from establishing a committed leadership through the need for and vision of the change to taking action, supervising the improvement and closing out the change. The basic organization change cycle is as under:

Launching A Committed Leadership:

Here we need to share stories within the organization about the need of change, passion one is having for change and how change helps in past and when change did not work. We need to decide that in any future possible situation who will take a stand? What a leader will do for taking stand? Why a leader needs to take stand?

Smell The Need For Change:

Before making a change we should know very well about some issues which arises questions like what is the current situation. Why do we need a change? What problems we are facing with current model?

Establishing A Vision For Change:

Here we have to create a vision among people that what would be future benefits of the change? Could we reach to our desire future through this change? How one would personally benefit from…… [Read More]

End notes:

Aderson, Dean And Linda (2001).Byond the change management, advanced strategies for todays transformational leaders.
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Changing Corporate Behavior to Respond

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They will need translation services and interpreters, but they cannot rely on these things forever. In addition, the people who will work in the new offices and the people who will work with the people in the new offices must clearly and properly speak the language. Learning a new language can take time, but it is advisable for anyone who is going to be dealing with business in a foreign country (Kwintessential, 2010).

Cultural issues and language barriers are the two most significant problems that are faced by companies that are looking to expand into something more global in nature (Centre, 2011; Geert-Hostede, 2011). If those barriers can be worked through, the company will have a much higher chance of succeeding where other companies may have failed. Even though cultural issues may seem confusing, or a person may not understand why another culture does something differently, being open-minded about communication can diffuse misunderstandings that may have otherwise turned into more significant problems. Translation and interpretation services are always a good idea for companies that are moving into new markets in unfamiliar countries (Centre, 2011).

Because there are going to be local staff hired to run the offices in the new…… [Read More]

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Behavioral Changes Reducing the Effects

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Why the huge disparity in viewpoints when the science has been empirically established for twenty years or more? Journalist Bryan Walsh references sociologists from Michigan State and Oklahoma State Universities (Riley Dunlap and Aaron McCright, respectively), who say there has been a "well-financed effort on the part of conservative groups and corporations to distort global-warming science" (Walsh, 2011). In the book written by Dunlap and McCright (the Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society) they assert that global climate change science has been "assaulted" by fossil-fuel corporations, conservative think tanks" for over twenty years.

Hence, in conclusion, one way to spread the word to consumers and citizens is to battle back against the propaganda that seeks to deny the truth about climate change. In addition, very simple changes in lifestyles (using CFLs, taking the bus, hanging clothes out to dry, keeping the car tuned up, and sealing up leaks and cracks around windows and doors) should be taught beginning in grammar school and in high school. If students' parents are listening to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, and getting propaganda that denies climate change, that shouldn't stop young people from following the easy strategies that can save energy and limit…… [Read More]

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