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Can you help me write my conceptual framework on How Women Leaders Respond in the Time of Crises in the Field of Education?


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A conceptual framework is a type of tool used to analyze a topic.  Generally, in an academic context a conceptual framework is going to fall into one of several broad categories, including a working hypothesis, pillar questions, descriptive categories, models for decision making, or a formal hypothesis.  Deciding what approach you want to take to your research topic of how women leaders respond in time of crises in the field of education will help you decide what approach you want to take, which will guide your development of a conceptual framework.

Based on your topic, we would probably go with descriptive categories for analyzing these leadership styles and would present it in a research paper format.  We have included an example outline of that framework to help you visualize what it should look like:

How Women Leaders Respond in the Time of Crises in the Field of Education Outline

I. Introduction

A. Impact of gender on leadership style

B. Overview of different leadership styles

C. Overview of how crises impact leadership

D. How does the field of education change leadership approaches?

E. Thesis

II. Gender and leadership styles

A. Does gender impact natural choice in leadership style?

B. Does gender impact how different leadership styles are perceived? 

III. Overview of different leadership styles

A. Transformational

B. Transactional 

C. Autocratic

IV. Leadership during times of crises

V. Education and leadership styles

A. Leadership for staff

B. Leadership for students

C. Leadership for parents

D. Leadership for community stakeholders

VI. Analysis of female leadership during real life educational crises.

A. Female leader response to school shootings.

B. Female leader response to COVID-19 school closures and changes

C. Female leader response to natural disasters 

VII. Conclusion

A. How female leaders respond to crises

B. Does this differ from male leadership response?

C. Which leadership style is favored?

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