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Discuss a completed holistic nursing assessment and relate it to the evidence based on person centered care?


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Person centered care focuses on the patient as an entire human being, not just as a person experiencing an illness, injury, or other health emergency. The approach is gaining traction in healthcare and mental healthcare. There are five essential elements in person-centered care. They include understanding what motivates people to act how they do; controlling how you respond to behavior you find challenging; honoring the patient’s preferences when you can do so without compromising patient care; changing to a strength-based mindset instead of focusing on deficits; and changing the culture of staff and client interaction. Doing this allows the staff to view patients as more than patients and take into consideration their entire humanity.

Based on the assignment information provided, the first thing you need to do is conduct as assessment. The assignment dictates that you identify a patient or servicer that touches on two fields of nursing. One of the easier ways to do that is to identify a patient that has healthcare needs and mental health needs. There is a significant overlap between mental health and physical healthcare needs, so that would be a great approach. Focus on the patient, giving sufficient details to provide context, but still keeping their anonymity preserved. Next, you need to pick the assessment tool that you need to use. Your choice of assessment tool may depend on the type of nursing services that you are providing to the client. You need to complete the assessment before you can write the essay. The assessment serves as the basis of your essay, and with the information that you get from the assessment, you can address the specific issues outlined in the assignment. You do not need to repeat the assessment in the essay, but you should provide enough information for the instructor to determine whether your conclusions are valid.

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