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How do I write a reflective letter about my growth as a writer after participating in a college composition course?

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A reflective letter should accomplish several tasks at once.  Because it is reflective, it should describe something personal to you.  Usually, those are going to be your thoughts on the subject, though it may also include some of your experiences.  For example, in an essay about your growth as a writer after participating in a particular course, you could give examples of experiences you had during the course. Because it is a letter, it should be structured differently than a reflective essay.  You want to include the traditional parts of a letter, including a salutation/greeting, an address, a closing, signature, and a date.

Good reflective writing does several things.  First, it provides the reader with the context. Unlike other types of writing, a letter has a specific audience. If your audience is the professor who taught your college composition course, you do not have to spend much time on the context. However, if the letter is addressed to future students or to other faculty members, you may need to provide context.  Second, it demonstrates that you have thought about the question being asked.  So, you want to find examples of how the college composition course impacted your skill as a writer.  Third, while reflection letters are theoretically about you, they are also about the audience. If you are writing the letter for your professor, you probably want to say that the class improved your writing skills.  That is because the professor is human.  They do not assign essays like this because of a desire to hear that they were ineffective. Instead, they want to hear how much they have helped you.  So, even if you do not feel like they made a positive impact on your writing skills, you want to explain how they did.

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