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Writing Skills Essays (Examples)

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Skills and Knowledge Area
Words: 2089 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47947140
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Skills and Knowledge Area

The ability to research and interpret and then apply various local and federal and State laws as well as ordinances related to Community Programs is an extremely important and demanding skill. One example of the demonstration of this ability is that explained by Thomas R. Suozzi, the County Executive of Nassau, and Lorna B. Goodman, County Attorney of Nassau County, in their Annual Report on their County presented in December 2004. Herein, it is stated that with the support of the people of the county, they have managed to indeed accomplish a great many things, and they then proceed to list out the various activities and accomplishments. The first one is, according to the Report that of managing to bring 'in-house' the remaining part of the more than $10 million of specified legal work that had actually been given to the private bar earlier. The reason…

Skill Building the Course Work Has Immensely
Words: 2752 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30334374
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Skill Building

The course work has immensely improved my reading, writing, and thinking skills. Prior to reading the course materials, there were established beliefs on certain issues and interest in me. For example, the issue of racism and health care was a matter that had always caught my attention, because of my Hispanic heritage. acism was a topic of concern and interest, but I was never a victim of any form of racism. Therefore, from the beginning, I was not in a position to fathom the ordeal and experiences minorities go through because of racism. It is through reading, writing and analytical thinking of articles that I appreciated this social dynamic. It has always been difficult for me to explain and imagine that I could be a victim of racism.

After this course, I am able to use my reading skills that have improved and increased my reading speed and…


Bond J. & Bond S. (1994). Sociology and Health Care. NY: Churchill Livingstone.

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Skills Are Important Why Are
Words: 302 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2721407
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Good writing skill, as a form of business communication, is equally important with verbal communication because it makes the latter stronger during business activities.

Furthermore, good writing skill is important in the marketing activities of a business. It is from good writing skills where businesses can exercise marketing strategies for their products and services. For instance, in the advertising brochures distributed by a business to its clients and customers, a good writing skill applied to the development of the brochures can push the company's convincing power in promoting their products and services, thus providing them with a ticket to success.

Good writing skill is important in the business world because good communication enhances the possibility of success to every business endeavors. Good writing skill, being a form of communication, is therefore among the important elements to a…

Skill Assessment Matrix a Shows a Set
Words: 469 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94307637
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Skill Assessment

Matrix A shows a set of skills and tri-part analysis of those skills for five individuals. The Matrix is based on: S = Strong, W = Weak, or T= In Training. The skill sets are: problem solving, written communications, oral communication, leadership, creativity, goal orientation, multi-tasking, time management, analysis, delegating, and strategic thinking. Analysis of the matrix shows the following:




In Training

Problem Solving


Written Communication

Oral Communication




Goal Orientation




Time Management



Strategic Thinking

Based on the matrix, areas of concern are, in order of ranking:

Oral Communication (3 weak)

Strategic Thinking (4 still in training)

Analytical Skills (3 still in training)

Written Communication (1 weak, 3 in training)

Time Management (1 weak)

If we assign points to each individual as 3 for Strong, 2 for In training, and 1 for weak, we find that the…


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Skill-Development Exercise 1 Parts III & IV
Words: 792 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15917189
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Skill-Development Exercise 1: (PARTS III & IV)

Deciding Which eadership Decision-Making Style to Use

Preparation for Skill-Development Exercise

Below are 10 situations calling for a decision. Select the appropriate decision-making style for each. Be sure to use Model 8.1 when determining the style to use. First determine the answers to the variables (S1A, S2C, S3P, S4E) and write them on the lines below the situation. Then place the selected style on the "eadership style" line.

S1A autocratic

S2C consultative

S3P participative

S4E empowerment

You have developed a new work procedure that will increase productivity. Your boss likes the idea and wants you to try it in a few weeks. You view your followers as fairly capable, and believe that they will be receptive to the change.


eadership style ____S2C

2. There is new competition in your industry. Your organization's revenues have been dropping. You have been told to lay…

Leadership style ____S3P

(Lussier, Robert N.. Leadership: Theory, Application, and Skill Development, 4th Edition. South Western Educational Publishing, 2009-02-01. pp. 323-324).

Skills Needed to Successfully Complete
Words: 929 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68412925
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In that survey, employers in the field of "Health Care and Pharmaceutical" were queried as to the "Top Five Skills That Are Attractive in MBA Graduates." Since my concentration is Healthcare Management, this portion of the survey is of keen interest. Those top five skills, which I believe I possess, include: 1) "ability to think analytically"; 2) "ability to think strategically"; 3) "leadership skills"; 4) "oral communication skills"; 5) and "interpersonal skills."

Moreover, among the Healthcare/Pharmaceutical skills that employers in this survey believe should "be strengthened" through MBA programs, are: "ability to make decisions with imperfect information"; "ability to think strategically"; and "written communication skills."

In conclusion, I wish to address another question which was posed for this essay, "What are your concerns about your ability to be successful in an MBA program?" My concerns are related to how high I can go in my MBA program scholastic achievement…


Graduate Management Admission Council (2004). Employer Assessment of MBA

Students. Retrieved December 26, 2004, from .

Inside Yahoo Education (2004). MBA Skills: What do you need to succeed? Retrieved

December 24, 2004, from .

Learning to Read and Write in English
Words: 1349 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21447154
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Learning to read and write in English has been one of my most treasured accomplishments in the recent past. To begin with, learning to read and write in English is in my opinion the very first step towards becoming a fluent speaker of one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In that regard therefore, I am convinced that fluency in English is a plus as I pursue my career of choice. Given that English is one of the most common languages, corporations and most organizations would ordinarily hire individuals who can relate well with their customers and clients. Being able to read, write, and speak English will therefore give me a distinct advantage in my future job seeking endeavors. It is also important to note that fully aware that the world is increasingly becoming interconnected; the relevance of learning an additional language cannot be overstated. It is…

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High School Improving the Writing
Words: 3793 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38026582
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The author takes a chance bringing a new form of writing to a middle school, a technique that is innovative but not commonplace, thus would give rise to much questioning, which may be an obstacle teacher's would face trying to implement this type of learning style. This learning approaches views all students as independent, thus in an environment where everything is "sterile" or "sterilized and standardized" this type of learning system may receive some objection. By and large however, once educators realize how significant the improvements are among students adopting this method, they are likely to become more compliant and willing to place more effort at implementing this type of program.

The baseline approach used by the researcher to measure improvement is the ability of students to write using their own thinking skills, so they can in theory, teach others about writing. This is difficult to do, because this learning…


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Management Written Communication An Essential
Words: 1472 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97616386
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Written communication in the workplace comes in many forms, the most commonly used is memos and proposals or special reports (Beck, 1999). One manner in which written communication can be used is to negotiate (Neale & Bazerman, 1991). Business employees and even managers should be well versed in written communications and have a strong grasp of the skills necessary to be familiar and proficient in writing in order to express well defined meaning and enhance business communications (Lyons, 2002).

Having good writing skills and abilities will also facilitate improved oral communications among employees. Those employees that are able to put their thoughts down on paper accurately and precisely are more likely to engage in oral communication that is directed and focused. Because of this one of the skills that might be considered for inclusion in the workshop might be translating written word into oral communications.

Employees who are participating in…


Beck, C. (1999). Managerial communication: Bridging theory and practice. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

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Quarterly, 65(2):54

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Communications Skills to Solve Problems They Are
Words: 2104 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14481140
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communications skills to solve problems they are likely to encounter in the workplace.

Communication is the process of sharing information, expression, feeling, and thought between two or more people. Effective communication plays an important role in the organizational development, and communication forms an important constituent of every aspect of an organization. To maintain good working relations, it critical for the entire workforce to communicate with one another to enhance coordination, as well maintaining good working relations.

Evidence of communication skills is the ability of an individual or business organization to persuade and negotiate within business environment. Persuading and negotiating is one of the important aspects within business environment. Arriving at a concrete agreement within a business environment involves using effective communication skills. Persuasion involves ability to convince others to reach appropriate course actions, while negotiating involves ability to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

eflective Practice

Evidence of communication skills is…


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Psychological Reactions to Writing Revisions
Words: 2212 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8341957
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present this article in a scholarly fashion, which lends credibility to the authors -- an issue that is extremely crucial considering their audience. hile Germano et al. cite nearly no evidence for their argument, Lehr's article is packed with research regarding not only how students see revision and the writing process, but also about how teachers can address the problem. The information is specific, pointing to certain grade levels, activities, etc.

A closer look at these two articles, then, reveals that they have more similarities than differences. In fact, the only major difference between the two is the audience and factual information contained in the articles. In addition, these differences are warranted given the articles' different purposes. Germano et al.' s article can almost be seen as an extension of Lehr's -- encouraging professionals to take the same advice that they give their students. In fact, it is expressly because…

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Successful College Writing Anne Lamott's
Words: 1276 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 81236072
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This is helpful advice for college students who wish for their work to stand out from that of their peers, for by choosing descriptive words over the general, writers can discover stronger and more vibrant ways in which to present their ideas in a thoughtful and critical way.

Goldberg's essay touches on the vital importance of paying attention to the world around us as we seek to learn the names of everything that we encounter. This is a practical tool that Cheryl L. Dozier cites as an effective way to encourage students to make the connection between what they read in books and what they see in the world around them. In such a way, a greater appreciation of words is created, along with an educational foundation which encourages strong literacy skills. In her essay "Literacy Coaching: Engaging and Learning with Teachers," Dozier writes that "noticing and naming involves an…

Works Cited

Dozier, Cheryl L. "Literacy Coaching: Engaging and Learning with Teachers." Issues in Literacy 18 (2008): 11-19. Web. 15 Nov. 2011.

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Boston: Shambhala Publications, 2005. Print.

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Individual Skills and Strength Individual Skills and
Words: 2211 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83845319
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Individual Skills and Strength


Listening skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills and organizational skills are very critical to succeed in life. Communication and listening skills are the essential life skills required to excel in the professional career. Individual with good listening and communication skills are not only generally better informed, the person is perceived as being pleasant with colleagues in the job place. Communication skills are important in all facet of life, and communication skills are the key to achieve a bright career. People within the organization spend 75% of their daily time engaging in communication through writing, speaking, listening and inter-debate. Communication skill is the system of expressing information concisely and effectively in an oral and written mode as well as sharing information with others in order to facilitate exchange of ideas and information. On the other hand, problem-solving skills are the set-skills that allow an…


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Sakofsky, M. (2009). The Impact of Empathy Skills Training on Middle School Children. Master's thesis. The College at Brockport: State University of New York.

Improving Reading Skills Reading and
Words: 8772 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 33211921
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Students then move to advisory to discuss what they learned from the principal, then begins first period science class.

Science is tutorial based, but often broken up into groups of four for lab and experimentation work. Math lab includes a number of different activities that change out regularly.

Following math, the students meet for Art class, which varies daily in activities, social and spatial development.

Lunch and a brief recess follows.

First class after lunch focuses on learning tools combined with independent reading; teacher uses only worksheets as student activity after reading; question worksheet designed to uncover comprehension and vocabulary development

Next class is social studies, work in pairs, teacher uses a number of different strategies and course outlines for variety.

Final period of the day focuses on English, or ESL for international students.

Reviewing a typical day for Ahmad, however, shows some serious disconnects in terms of his continual…

What do Tom and Mary have in common?

Describe Mary

Outside of the purview of this essay, but nevertheless vital to the arguments presented when dealing with multicultural education, one must understand that there is a rather hierarchical taxonomy regarding the topic: Conservative multiculturalism, which assumes that unsuccessful minorities come from culturally deprived backgrounds and require ethnicity "stripping" for economic success of the child; Liberal multiculturalism which formats the sameness of all groups and requires manifesting language, but remaining culturally aware of the base culture; Pluralistic multiculturalism that shares features with the liberal view but focuses more on learning about differences and integration of race into simply being part of the individual; Left-Essentialist multicultural that holds that the conservative element uses language and other educational means as a way to control a minority and that essential traits may be romanticized for effect; and Critical multiculturalism that takes race, class, gender and even sexuality and transcends to a larger, more complex, social struggle. See: Kincheloe, J. And S. Steinberg. (1997). Changing Multiculturalism. Open University Press; and D. Campbell (2008). Choosing Democracy, a practical guide to Multicultural education. Allyn/Bacon.

Learning to Read and Write Are Complementary
Words: 1445 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22351665
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Learning to read and write are complementary skills. While in the younger years, writing depends on reading skills, by middle and high school, they are complementary skills: reading is necessary to do writing assignments, while writing about what has read increases comprehension of the reading materials. For this reason, separating reading and writing instruction from content areas is arbitrary and will eventually interfere with the students' progress in those content areas.

From the day children are born, parents are told by doctors, teachers and other experts to read to them, and to read to them every day. They are told to do this because hearing language that contains story lines, rich language and vivid imagery facilitates language development and develops a desire to read. From "The Poky Little Puppy" to Rudyard Kipling, children's literature exists that uses language in exciting and colorful ways. Good children's literature doesn't sound the same…


Erickson, Lawrence.Jan. 11, 1998. "Informational literacy in the middle grades." The Clearing House.

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Nourie, Barbara; Livingston, Lenski, and Davis, Susan.July 17, 1998. "The (in)effectiveness of content area literacy instruction for secondary preservice teachers." The Clearing House: 71: 372-375.

Pass the Writing Test There
Words: 588 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83115001
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In this paper as in the "Torture" paper I have demonstrated an improvement in my use of tone. The early versions of these papers were not written with a formal academic voice. The casual tone detracted from the potency of the arguments I presented. The latest versions of these papers have a more professional tone to them. The papers read like academic papers, rather than op-ed pieces. I consider this one of the most important transitions I have made this semester.

There is still room for improvement in my work. I can see even now, looking at those papers, some instances where the tone is inappropriate. I have worked hard to build strong introductions but I can see that the theses in both of these papers are not yet strong enough. I know that quality writing flows from quality research. I hope to continue to improve my writing in the…

Art Reading and Writing -
Words: 1348 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88500956
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However, it is possible to write in a way that reveals an understanding of what a person reads or what they hear during lecture. Lecture in the classroom provides an ideal opportunity for learners to reflect on what they have learned in previous sessions and to decide how they will use that knowledge to further their understanding, or to help them make decisions related to the content they have learned.

As I plan to become a history teacher I now realize how important reading and writing skills are to the student's comprehension of the content covered in lecture and in class. Students learn in many different ways. One reason that Nathan may not be doing well in both reading and in writing is because he simply does not understand the content or the context in which information is presented in the classroom. While he may not understand much from lectures,…


Freeman, F., Ghiso, M.P. & Hamayan, E. (2006). Authentic Accountability for ELL's Reading and Writing Development. Available:


Communications Skills for Students as
Words: 615 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46341571
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Whether or not we are experts in technical fields, practically all contemporary business communications require the ability to communicate similar ideas to audiences with different comprehension levels about our topic. In that respect, Zeltser's article is helpful to a very wide audience.

Another useful source of information about communications skills is the article titled "Nonverbal Communication Tips: Improve Your Nonverbal

Communication Skills with these Tips" by contributing writer Kendra Cherry (2012). Cherry explains the importance of understanding nonverbal communications in face-to-face interactions. Those skills may be especially important to practice in an age where so much of our interpersonal communications take place via a digital medium.

Communications Skills Self-Assessment

In college, the majority of our graded academic assignments involve the formal written expression of ideas (such as on examinations and in out-of-class writing assignments). As a result, it is likely that we receive much better feedback and constructive criticism…


Cherry, K. (2012). Top 10 Nonverbal Communication Tips: Improve Your Nonverbal

Communication Skills with these Tips. Accessed online

September 5, 2012

Criminal Justice Writing Is a
Words: 644 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 58816871
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This is largely because leadership abilities and purposes as well as program development are closely linked to writing. The criminal justice is usually characterized by policies, procedures for various practices, reports, press releases, and memoranda. These critical aspects that affect leadership in law enforcement are accomplished through divergent forms of writing and documentation.

As demonstrated in scenarios 1, leadership decisions about service award was hugely affected by the lack of written documents like commendation letters. The leadership intentions in this scenario were not accomplished because of the lack of writing of commendation letters to support the officer's excellent work and strong performance evaluations.

Importance of Good Writing Skills:

As previously mentioned, writing is an important aspect in criminal justice resulting in the need for police officers to possess good writing skills in order to write more efficiently and effectively. One of the major reasons why writing is significant in this…


Daniel, A. (2011, February 10). The Importance of a Good Written Report. Retrieved Ashworth

Community College website: 

Thompson, E.L. (n.d.). Why Is Writing Criminal Justice Reports Important? Retrieved October

30, 2011, from

Embedding Elements of Functional Skills in K-9
Words: 433 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63617636
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Embedding Elements of Functional Skills in K-9 Handling

Skills in individual areas become much more valuable to instructors and to learners when they are fully integrated or embedded within functional applications (Gravells, 2008). Generally, a good canine handler needs to have a command of factual knowledge about canine behavior, human psychology, criminal law and procedure, computer Internet technology, (ICT), and good writing skills. However, raw knowledge about canines, or so-called "textbook" knowledge (breed identification, history, physiology, general behavior, etc.) is comparatively useless in the field. Instead, the functional or "embedded" knowledge a canine handler must understand about dogs would include identifying predictable behaviors of various canines in specific situations. For example, knowledge about the respective lineage of the Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd is not particularly useful in the field as compared with embedded knowledge of their respective likely responses to gunshots.

Likewise, textbook knowledge of the history of the…


Gravells, A. (2008). Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector -- Level 3

Coursebook. Learning Matters Ltd.

Collaborative Writing Individual and Team
Words: 710 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 29162359
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It is easy, in this instance, to overlook spelling mistakes and errors in clarity and reasoning.

Team dynamics can benefit or harm the collaborative writing process. There is an advantage to working with individuals one already knows; there are few surprises with respect to personality traits as they relate to the work. Sometimes better writing can be accomplished when teams are assigned, as this can facilitate diversity and ensure less "groupthink" and more substantive discussions (Powers, Dunn-Lewis, and Fraser, n.d.). Team identity can be forged purposefully, as when a leader is formally appointed or agreed upon by the group. In some cases, leadership emerges without conscious decision. Strong writers or content area experts are natural choices for leadership roles, but sometimes personalities come into play. This is not necessarily a negative. An individual who is neither the strongest writer nor the most knowledgeable in terms of content may possess the…


Kittle, P., & Hicks, T. (2009). Transforming the group paper with collaborative online writing.

Pedagogy 9 (3), pp. 525-538.

Powers, S.R., Dunn-Lewis, C., & Fraser, G. (n.d.) Collaborative writing resources. UConn

Writing Center. Retrieved from

Teaching of Writing to Students
Words: 1289 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10866889
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I don't grade the final draft in class, as I need more time to carefully read it and give it a rubric score (TIMELINE ("

This is a valuable aspect of the writing timeline that the teacher has developed. It provides the student with the ability to earn points on having excellent ideas and content even if the grammar and spelling is not up to par.

For many students the fear of writing begins when they turn in something they worked hard to produce and thought they had a wonderful writing idea, only to have it returned with red marks all over it for grammar errors.

Grammar and punctuation are very important elements to the lesson of writing, however, one must also consider the ideas and content that were offered as well.

Dividing the grading system into two areas, one for ideas and content and the other for grammar, spelling…


The Writing Timeline  in Kim's classroom and predict the advantages and disadvantages of using a tool such as the TIMELINE. 

Teaching writing to exceptional children: reaction and recommendations.

From: Exceptional Children | Date: April 1, 1988 | Author: Barenbaum, Edna | More results for: "teaching writing"

The Bridge to Powerful Writing and Increased Test Scores: Skills and Effective Methodology for Teachers by Barbara Mariconda

Disciplines My Writing for a
Words: 1880 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84493387
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Remembering riting, Remembering Reading

Conclusion -- My riting

This chapter (4) embraces the way in which people become literate. The author interviewed a wide variety of people with wildly diverse literacy experiences, and interestingly, many of those interviewed reflected that early writing experiences involved "feelings of loneliness, secrecy and resistance" (p. 94). The focus in this essay is on reading, but also on writing; what a person takes from this essay is that there are many ways to influence a child to begin writing, and it usually is launched from the reading experience. Yes, I write like I talk, but that is because I haven't really put my nose to the grindstone of learning what goes into a well-written essay or article. How do you influence an adult to become adept at writing well? It has to come not just from the heart, but also from the soul and the…

Works Cited

Brandt, Deborah. "Literacy in American Lives: Living and Learning in a Sea of Change." In

Literacy and Learning: Reflections on Writing, Reading, and Society. San Francisco:

Jossey-Bass, 2009.

Brandt, Deborah. "Remembering Writing, Remembering Reading," in Literacy and Learning:

Relevance of Writing and How it Can
Words: 728 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88525865
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elevance of Writing and How it Can Be Taught Effectively

Although the relevance of the theoretical perspectives of writing cannot be overstated, the teaching and learning of writing must also incorporate classroom practices. This discussion will largely concern itself with the importance of writing and how it can be taught effectively to primary-aged students.

Writing is an indispensible component of literacy. This is more so the case given that literacy according to the NT Department of Education and Training (2010) essentially "refers to reading, writing, speaking, viewing, and listening effectively in a range of contexts" (p.2). In that regard therefore, the relevance of effective writing skills cannot be overstated. According to the Institute for Educational Sciences (2012), an individual must be an effective writer to fully and actively engage in civic, community, as well as professional activities. Therefore, people who do not acquire this key skill during their elementary education…


Allington, R. (2003). The Six Ts of Effective Elementary Literacy Instruction. Retrieved from 

Institute for Educational Sciences. (2012). Teaching Elementary School Students to be Effective Writers. Retrieved from 

Lee, S.W. (Ed.). (2005). Encyclopedia of School Psychology. Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE.

NT Department of Education and Training. (2010). Literacy Literature Review for Evidence-Based Practices Framework. Retrieved from

Teaching ESL EFL Reading and Writing
Words: 644 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 26578976
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The chapter goes on to explicate each writing task by means of examples and further specific guidance for teachers. t is also suggested that the tasks do not need to be applied in isolation, but that they can also be used in combination for greater effectiveness. Examples are given of experience and guided tasks that can be done in groups. n this regard, the author points out that group work has advantages for both teachers, learners, and the learning process itself. Teachers' supervision and grading workloads are reduced, while learners view each other as a learning resource in addition to the teacher.

The chapter concludes by a short section that guides teachers' decision-making when implementing the four writing task types. t is suggested that teachers use a critical approach to determine which tasks would be most appropriate.

found the chapter extremely interesting, as teaching writing to ESL/EFL students is always…

In this regard, I found the chapter's insights on reproduction exercises such as dicto-comp and dicto-gloss very helpful. Rather than expecting them to understand a complicated explanation and diagram of what an essay should look like, I think I would save both them and myself a large amount of frustration by first allowing them to reproduce a piece of writing in this genre. In general, the chapter contributed to my development as a teacher.


Nation, ISP (2009). Teaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing. New York, NY: Routledge (Tailor & Francis)

Elbow Peter Writing With Power
Words: 1858 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 13591361
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The story was filled with factual accuracy, while fictional, and vividly rich with images and characters that she and her father could picture with accurate detail. Romano tells us how Mariana finished the story with a young member of the family holding a roughly cut, wooden pony, and how when she gently finished the tale as he was in tears

Villanueva, Victor. Bootstraps: From an American Academic of Color. Urbana, Ill: National Council of Teachers of English. 1993. Print. This book an unusual book: at one level it is autobiographical, detailing the life of an American of Puerto Rican extraction from his childhood in New York City to an academic post at a university. At another level, Villanueva ponders his experiences in light of the history of rhetoric, the English Only movement, current socio- and psycholinguistic theory, and the writings of Gramsci and Freire, among others.

Zinsser, K. William. On…

Letters Evaluating Writing Dear Student
Words: 1237 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Peer-Reviewed Journal Paper #: 4333328
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However, I would be more careful about choosing the words and the metaphors that you employ to do this, because you have a tendency to use overly dramatic images that do not really fit the story that well. I also noticed that you do not provide a clear introduction that gives the reader a clear indication of the major themes and direction of your essay. You have described the circumstances of your birth in both the present tense and in the past tense, so I would remind you of the importance of selecting one or the other and then sticking to that choice throughout your essay.

The organization of your essay is also somewhat confusing because you seem to shift back and forth between a narrative description of your birth and of your family's history and of the philosophical (and historical) perception of the importance of gender in Chinese society.…

Lesson for Teaching Cops Pre-Skills
Words: 328 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 29896189
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Once the sentences on the board are correct, a handout can be distributed to the students with two or three longer intentionally incorrect paragraphs on it, with the sentences spaced out to allow room for easy correction. Again as a class, each of the paragraphs should be gone through using the COPS strategy, with each student marking the corrections on their own paper. Finally, students should be assigned a short writing topic, and should then trade papers and apply the COPS editing strategy to their peers papers.

Reflection: I believe that this lesson plan will allow the instructor to accurately assess the student's capabilities before moving to individual work. In addition the group work will help those struggling with the concept while allowing those with more mastery to demonstrate their skills, enhancing esteem and enjoyment of the learning process for…

Standards Annotated Bibliography Loveland T R 2005 Writing
Words: 2207 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 54293761
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Annotated Bibliography

Loveland, T.R. (2005) Writing standards-based rubrics for technology education classrooms, Technology Teacher, Vol. 65, Issue 2

This article can be used in the proposed writing study because it presents information on how students view rubrics and rubric teaching. The article states that there is nothing more frustrating for a student than receiving a project with little or no description on how the project will be graded. The article also states that standards must be measured or assessed in order to know whether the students are meeting the prescribed outcomes. This article seems to be stating that one of the reasons why the California standards are so difficult to meet is due to the lack of specificity in the standard's directions or instructions. The study can certainly take that viewpoint into consideration.

Jacobs, G.E. (2008) We learn what we do: eveloping a repertoire of writing practices in an…

Determining how to assess a writing portfolio (or even an individual writing piece) is a very important component of California's writing standard. This study sought to determine a number of different items when it comes to assessing writing skills. The study sought to answer the questions such as; is there evidence of transferability, are the scores reliable and even if portfolio scores are meaningful indicators of student achievement. What the study determined was it is possible to score assessments consistently but that there were substantial differences in how the assessments were viewed. Since the California writing standard is primarily scored on the student's ability to write, it would make sense to understand exactly what skill is being scored as well as if it is viewed as a portfolio, single sample or multiple samples of the student's work.

McKew, H. (2001) Tomorrow's engineer, Engineered Systems, Vol. 18, Issue 1, p. 154

This article defines another reason why it is important for students to acquire writing skills. The article concerns an HVAC company. While most people would not immediately recognize why writing skills are necessary for individuals installing heating and air conditioning units, this article is a perfect example of why. The article espouses the fact that the involved company develops and writes their own installation manual. Not only does the employee have to understand how one pipe fits with another, the employee must also be able to read and write. The author of the article states that everyone in the company must be on the same page which is an interesting referral to the book itself. This article shows how it is true than even students who are looking to a career of manual labor must now have the ability to read and write.

English Comp Internet Writing Instruction
Words: 1404 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79112608
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(Fisher & Frey, 2003, p. 396)

There is little that demands that all the instruction be given by a single teacher. In fact the supplementation of writing instruction directly from a teacher by a timeline program that guided progress of a package/driven writing assignment could be very fruitful.

Fisher & Frey point out that students often benefit in unexpected ways from processes such as journaling, (Fisher & Frey, 2003, p. 396) which can bee seen as a first brainstorming session, where students express their ideas and then narrow their ideas to a single topic. (Steele, 2008, NP) if the process of writing was more guided and offered both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, such as the scoring and direct interaction functions of the Steele proposal more writing would likely take place in a functional way. Another manner in which to motivate students in a systematic writing style is through the utilization…


Campbell, N. (2002). Getting Rid of the Yawn Factor: Using a Portfolio Assignment to Motivate Students in a Professional Writing Class. Business Communication Quarterly, 65(3), 42.

Fisher, D., & Frey, N. (2003). Writing Instruction for Struggling Adolescent Readers: A Gradual Release Model Because New Accountability Systems Focus on Writing, Struggling Students Need Daily, Coordinated Instruction That Is Meaningful. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 46(5), 396.

Kuriloff, P.C. (2004). Rescuing Writing Instruction: How to Save Time & Money with Technology. Liberal Education, 90(4), 36.

The Mayfield Handbook of Technical and Science Writing (2001) "The Writing Timeline" Retrieved April 12, 2008 at

Rfps Writing Proposals Is a
Words: 703 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 19910010
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It is imperative that the proposal writer makes certain the proposal is a good fit for the funding organization. There are many worthwhile causes in the world and even the richest foundations fund only a relatively few. For best results, writers will help develop proposals that align closely with the funder's mission. Writers should look at the mission of their own organization, and consider its objectives, goals and strategic tasks as they seek funders. Successful proposals match projects to an organization's mission as well as match them to a grantor's mission. It usually does not work to create a proposal just for the sake of applying for a grant. eaders of proposals will have difficulty in justifying funding when the missions of grantor and grantee are too far apart.

Writers will work with proponents within their own organization to develop programs or project ideas that will appeal to grantors. The…


Coley, S.M., & Scheinberg, C.A. (2008). Proposal Writing: Effective Grantsmanship.

Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Effective Communicator Through My Writing In the
Words: 993 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76171198
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Effective Communicator Through My riting?

In the information age, technology has opened up numerous channels of communication. hile this provides us with an unlimited opportunity to get our message across, it also underlines the vital importance of effective communication skills without which we would be unable to benefit fully from the information revolution. riting skill, although just one of the aspects of communication, is arguably the most important to get our message across. In this paper I shall look at some of the key aspects of communicating effectively through writing.


Before starting to write anything, whether it is a business letter, a written report, or an essay, it is always useful to "brainstorm" in order to generate some creative ideas. This would help in overcoming the number one nemesis of all writers -- "the writer's block." Brainstorming is most useful when a group of people indulge in a freewheeling…

Works Cited

"Brainstorming." The Writing Center: University of North Carolina at Chapel. September 5, 2001. 

Dulek, Ronald E. & John S. Fielden. "Principles of Business Communication." New York: MacMillan Publishing Company, 1990

Leach, John. "Seven Steps to Better Writing: Advice from a Journalist-Turned-Planner." Planning. 59: 6. June 1993. Page Number: 26+.

Non-sensitive messages are those types of messages that evoke little or no emotional reaction in the reader. Sensitive messages evoke emotions (both negative and positive) in the sender and the receiver.

Skills the Audience of Ceos
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The presentation was formal, quick and efficient.

For audience 2, the idea was to teach the management level employees the explicit items needed to present the ideas to the rank and file. This was accomplished with a presentation done in bullet fashion with answers to each bullet (for questions contrived by the rank and file).

For audience 3, a more casual approach with themes and lots of text included, as well as a slower, more discussion oriented presentation was in order, with lots of time for questions and comments.

For audience 4, a fast staccato style approach was used with an emphasis on what it would take to accomplish the goals and objectives.

The reason(s) for changing the approach(s), yet still keeping the information as coherent and cohesive as possible, was because there are different goals and objectives sought by each group. A presentation must be geared towards the audience,…

Skills Journaling the Value of Journaling in
Words: 939 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6498976
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Skills: Journaling

The value of journaling in the qualitative research process

When I first began this assignment, my immediate reaction was: why do I need to write down my thoughts and feelings in a journal when I have Facebook and Twitter? Don't I already have social media venues in which to vent a steady stream-of-consciousness? However, over the course of the journaling process, the value of the exercise became very clear: journaling is a unique form of self-expression. Unlike other types of writing, the main purpose of journaling is to better understand one's self, rather than to engage in direct communication with others. In other modes of writing, whether a research paper or an online blog, the writer is always aware that he or she is writing with an audience in mind. Because every audience is unique, the writer must engage in self-censorship, tailoring the content to meet that audience.…

Skills and Professional Attributes You Bring to
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skills, and professional attributes you bring to your area of practice or specialization.

I bring several different types of skills and professional attributes into my area of practice of specialization. First, my capacity for empathy, sympathy, and understanding are all beyond reason of a doubt. I have always had the ability to converse well and calmly with individuals suffering from a variety of emotional states and recovering from different emotional capacities. In my own practice and attempts at counseling, I have been able to use my calming and comprehending personality to a therapeutic advantage. Therefore, I feel my own personality is attributed and akin to tuning into the needs of disabled veterans when counseling. Furthermore, I have had personal relationships with veterans, so I have a solid understanding of their sufferings and needs. For the most part, I realize it is incredibly difficult for them to talk about these instances,…


Allis, S. & Globe Staff (2005). "Frontline" examines war's psychological toll: [THIRD Edition]. Boston Globe, p .E.5.

Bookman, J. (2007, May 9). OUR OPINIONS: War strains troops, U.S. credibility: [Main Edition]. The Atlanta Journal - Constitution, p. a.14.

Mckenna, Phil (2006). Stress syndrome affected one in five Vietnam veterans. (August 21) Boston Globe, p. C.3.

Military History Companion (2004) the Oxford Companion to Military History. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Skills Project Location of Resources
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ABI Inform was also very useful when queried on the topic of small business models and small business planning documents. It also had documents and dissertations on small business failure rates and empirically derived studies explaining the factors behind this occurring (Justis, Chan, 1993). ABI Inform also did not have coverage of the legal issues facing entrepreneurs in Australia, yet did have coverage of shared risk mitigation through global joint ventures. The content on ABI Inform from the legal standpoint of start-ups was strategic in scope than practical.

EBSCO Host was much more balanced in its content with regard to entrepreneurship vs. franchising, and had a greater breadth of industry profiles of small business by country. The revived interface from EBSCO Host, now just under a year old, made the parsing of queries much easier and intuitive. The use of a suitcase like feature also made the storage of documents…


(Buzza, Mosca, 2009)

Buzza, J., and J. Mosca. 2009. Create The Plan, Work The Plan: A Look At Why The Independent Business Owner Has Trouble Calling A Franchisee A True Entrepreneur. American Journal of Business Education 2, no. 7, (October 1): 113-118.

(Gaskill, Hyland, 1989)

Gaskill, Gary T., and Hyland, J. Michael. 1989. Starting And Managing A Small Business. Management Accounting 71, no. 6, (December 1): 28.

Skills Assessment
Words: 1036 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27858942
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Communication Theory

I have a number of different skills that will come in handy in my future endeavors. Skills come in a number of different categories, including work content skills, personal attributes and technological skills. Some of these I have always had, but others I have needed to develop over time. For the most part, technical skills that I have are ones that I have cultivated through training and experience. I believe that I have many of the attributes that I need to pursue the next stage of my career.

As far as technical skills, I have a lot of basic technological skills, including basic computer skills as far as office software, using the Internet and email, and mobile communications as well. In addition to the basics, I have developed a proficiency in virtual team work. This is an emerging area of work as industries are becoming more globalized and…


Podmoroff, D. (2014). Working in a virtual team. Retrieved June 5, 2014 from 

Reid, J. (2008). The resilient leader: Why EQ matters. Ivey Business Journal. Retrieved June 5, 2014 from

Skills Are Very Important for
Words: 407 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29779096
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Sources of information that I find useful for understanding what successful presentation skills entail for public administrators

There are several sources that I find useful for understanding what successful presentation skills entail.The most important of these peer-reviewed journals like the works of Longo and (Tierney,2012),Kimm and Kenyon (2002).I also rely on websites and book on communication skills.

How I assess my presentation skills

I basically assess my presentation skills from the feedback I get from my peers and students.

Part B

Do you feel the same way?

Yes I do.

Share examples of good presentations and bad presentations.

Examples of good presentations are the ones having definition, an introduction, main body and a conclusion. They also must have sounds and some forms of animation.bad ones lack all the above mentioned qualities.

What design principles and guidelines will you use for your presentation?

I design my presentation to match the theme…


Kimm, S., Kenyon, M (2002).Presentation skills workshops for nurses. Nurse Education Today.Vol. 22, Issue 2 (2002)p.144 -- 151.

Longo a, Tierney C.J (2012).Presentation skills for the nurse educator. Nurses Staff Dev. 2012 Jan-Feb;28(1):16-23.

Skills Project Location of Resources
Words: 1238 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75460933
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The bottom line that out of the many sources of information available on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia there is a percentage that deserves the most trust and focus, and there is much that can be discarded and not used. In making this judgment the trustworthiness of the information needs to be assessed using the series of sources provided in this analysis (Cho, Jang, 2008). Appendix A, a mind map for planning extended travel provides an overview of the issues related to planning and traveling.

Location of esources

The CIA Factbook ( provided an excellent overview of the current cultural, economic, religious, demographic and political landscape of Malaysia in general and Kuala Lumpur specifically. In addition, the CIA Factbook provided insights into how the country is currently experiencing a recession and the political forces at work there that could potentially lead to protests or violence. Malaysia's political risk is well defined in…


Cho, M., and S. Jang. 2008. Information Value Structure for Vacation Travel. Journal of Travel Research 47, no. 1, (August 1): 72.

Ing, G., J. Liew-Tsonis, S. Cheuk, and I. Razli. 2010. An Examination Of The Challenges Involved In Distributing A Strong And Consistent Destination Image In The Marketing Of Tourism In Malaysia. The International Business & Economics Research Journal 9, no. 1, (January 1): 31-39.

Lee, J.. 2009. Mobilizing for Social Change in Muslim Societies Amidst Political Turmoil and Conservatism. Development: Special Issue for the 11th AWID International Forum on 52, no. 2, (June 1): 239-245.

Malaysia: Country Analysis Report. September, 2009 Malaysia Country Profile, 1-80.

Skills Development
Words: 1513 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19029149
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elaboration upon my experience as an international student of University of Birmingham. At the time I compose this reflection, I have finished my first year as a Business Management student. My reflection will center with the difficulties encountered in a foreign country, language, and culture. The reader will gain insight as to my personal experience my first year. The reader will understand some of my greatest challenges, personal flaws, and sense of accomplish from completing one full year. By the reflections conclusion, readers will understand how obstacles and weakness transformed in to achievement and deep motivation.

At the beginning of the first semester, my most prominent obstacle was my deficiency in the English language. I could not effectively communicate with other people in a professional or informal context. This was not something I was prepared for. I knew it would be a challenge, but more than just the language made…

Skills to Employ When Negotiating
Words: 830 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 96221684
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This tactic can take the negotiator by surprise and if silence isn't invoked, the deal that was looking very sweet can suddenly be spoiled.

In Japan, silence has been part of negotiations for centuries; one side makes an offer and the Japanese negotiator says nothing but perhaps makes eye contact or nods his head in a non-committal way. By not speaking, the chances are that you will be able to think clearly about the ramifications of the suddenly blurted out offer. Or if the offer is maybe not blurted out at the last minute but seems to be the very antithesis of what the two parties have been discussing all along, again, silence is power, because the other party will be thrown off of his or her strategy. In fact when a last-minute proposal is thrown into the mix, silence is essential because the proposal could be a psychological entrapment…

Works Cited

Carrell, Michael R., and Heavrin, Christina. (2008). Negotiating Essentials: Theory, Skills, and Practices. Old Tappan, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

Physorg. (2006). New sequential decision-making model could be key to artificial intelligence.

Retrieved May 20, 2011, from

Royston. (2009). The Five Intercultural Negotiation Skills. Retrieved May 20, 2011, from /2009/12/17/the-five-intercultural-negotiation-skills/.

Writing Rubric Assessment for Teachers
Words: 687 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 42165894
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The rubric assessment I utilized came from Schrock (2014) -- her website which contains many different rubrics for a number of disciplines. I chose a writing assessment rubric that I could use with 4th grade students, focusing on writing with a topic sentence, using modifiers and having supporting sentences that flesh out the topic.

The reasons I made modifications to the rubric were based on the specific utility that I wanted to implement: here, I wanted to focus on writing a topic sentence with supporting sentences and modifiers instead of an entire research paper. I liked the way this rubric was set-up, however, and I was particularly drawn to it being a self-assessment rubric because I think it is important for students to see for themselves how they are going to be assessed in the future. If they are assessing themselves by the same type of rubric as the…


Gottlieb, M. (2006). Assessing English language learners: Bridges from language proficiency to academic achievement. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Schrock, K. (2014). Assessment and Rubrics. Retrieved from 

Sireci, S., Faulkner-Bond, M. (2015). Promoting validity in the assessment of English learners. Review of Research in Education, 39(1): 215-252.

Writing a Letter of Reaction to the Politics by Aristotle
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Aristotle's Politics

Dear Aristotle,

I must say I was particularly impressed by your Politics. It was an interesting read precisely because it commented on the basic nature of man -- man is a political animal; of society, communities and the concept of the City. Living the modern world, the concept of "the City" has always confused me because modern urban settings seem so inhuman sometimes -- so immersed in modern materialism or consumerism, in richness and wealth and extravagance (the comforts), everything that seems to bury humanity underneath. Or, the opposite is the case -- cities are dens of violence and crime and people are afraid to leave their homes out of fear. Neither extreme seems good -- so I enjoyed reading about your take on what it means to be a City and how this is a good way to organize society.

What I particularly liked was that you…

Case Study Improving the Performance of Skill International
Words: 1505 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17127535
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Skills International School: Case Study/Case Study: Improving the Performance of Skill


Mission Statement

Distributed Leadership

Fundraising Ideas

Communication plan (To Staff And Parents)

Philosophy of staff development and retention

This paper is a case study on issues that concern Skill International School leadership. Its major aim is to analyze the major approach employed in school leadership for complete improvement that lead to academic success. In an environment that is decentralized, school districts are adopting varied approaches to school leadership cooperation and distribution. They do this with the aim of responding to the pressures that emanate from ebbing school resources and enrolments (Hargreaves et al., 2007).


The Skill International School has the lowest performance in the municipality, Title 1 school (89% receive reduced or free lunch), very high staff/faculty turnover ratio, and very low support from PTO/PTA organizations. There is a great need to build on innovative ideas for…


BSR. (2015). School Principal Resume. Retrieved on 7th October, 2015 from 

Dickinson, B. (2013). How to Prepare a Parent Teacher Communication Plan. Member Hub. Five Points Solution, Inc. Retrieved on 7th October, 2015 from 

Exforsys. (2006). Sample Resume -- Principal Resume. IT Training and Consulting. Retrieved on 7th October, 2015 from 

Jeff Career Approach. (2015). School Principal Resume Sample Two. Retrieved on 7th October, 2015 from

Analyzing Skills for Handling Complex Concepts
Words: 937 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 75706648
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Skills for Complex Concepts

Skills for Handling Complex Concepts

There are various kinds of skills needed for handling of jobs. The three essential skills are human skills, technical skills, and conceptual skills. Human skills entail interpersonal and communicational relation skills applied to finish the task. Technical skills include human knowledge and proficiency regarding the methods, tools, or practices to be utilized in the task. Conceptual skills, on the other hand, allow an individual to view the situation as an entity and exercise his analytical skills for the task's completion.

I was needed to seek and assess data and to communicate my understanding to others and this was when I was in a group of four individuals in the course of my final year project. I was responsible for gathering data and relevant project information from the internet and documenting it using my individual assessment. I had to communicate my understanding…

Fine Motor Skill Development in Children Fine
Words: 1769 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 93982067
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Fine Motor Skill Development in Children

Fine motor skills are important for a variety of activities such as writing and feeding, so its important they develop properly in young kids. This paper talks about the importance of fine motor skills and how it can be improved with proper intervention and the right activities.

Fine motor skills and their importance

Fine motor skills are the skills that involve the use of small muscles in the hands such as fingers. The biggest challenge in fine motor skills is the coordination of the hand with the eyes and brain and it is more complicated than what many people imagine. It develops at a young age, typically before five or six and it plays an important role in the way our hands function during adolescence and adulthood.

The development of fine motor skills is vital in young children because it is these skills that…


Smith, Jodene. (2003). Activities for Fine Motor Skills Development Grd PreK-1. Westminster, CA: Teacher Created Resources.

No author. (2011). Fine motor control. Medline Plus. Retrieved from: 

Curtis, Kathleen; Newman, Peggy. (2005). The PTA Handbook: Keys to Success in School and Career for the Physical Therapist Assistant. New Jersey: Slack Incorporated.

Charlesworth, Rosalind. (2010). Understanding Child Development. Mason, OH: South-western Cengage Learning.

Study Skills Strategies Note Taking
Words: 965 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85090017
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Some salient guidance concerning developing good note-taking skills from the literature include placing a date and the name of the class on the top of every page to make sorting class notes out later on easier. Likewise, many students with good typing skills will likely benefit from typing their notes after school, when the information is still fresh in their minds. Students can also learn how to improve their note-taking skills by reviewing the notes taken by students with known note-taking skills. For instance, according to Willis (2007), "Sharing notes is a valuable way for all students to hone their note-taking skills and gain metacognitive awareness of which content is crucial and which is not. Teachers can ask students who have clearly written notebook entries to share them verbally or post them on a bulletin board for the benefit of students who don't have adequate notes" (p. 157).

Some other…


Snider, a. & Schnurer, M. (2006). Many sides: Debate across the curriculum. New York

International Debate Education Association.

Ware, M.E. & Millard, R.J. (1997). Handbook on student development: Advising, career development, and field placement. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Willis, J. (2007). Brain-friendly strategies for the inclusion classroom: Insights from a neurologist and classroom teacher. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Five-Year Skills Development Plan The Modern Working
Words: 1340 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73360016
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Five-Year Skills Development Plan:

The modern working environment is characterized by limitless employment opportunities and minimal worker loyalty. As a result, today's workplace is an environment where organizations need employees more than employees' need for the business. The emergence of this difficult working environment has contributed to several challenges to both employers and businesses. Some of the major challenges employers encounter includes difficulties in finding skilled workers and the need for more employee motivation in order to promote workers' loyalty. The need for increased motivation in the workplace is associated with the need for businesses to recruit and retain skilled workers. Therefore, the major challenge in the modern workplace revolves around employee motivation due to its role in retaining good employees and managers.

Vision for My Career or Professional Life:

As a Human esource Manager, I will develop new strategies and techniques that focus on improving motivation in the workplace…


Carlopio, J & Andrewartha, G 2012, Developing management skills: a comprehensive guide for learners, 5th edn, Pearson Australia: Frenches Forest

Council of Social Service of New South Wales 2007, Models of Workforce Development,

Council of Social Service of New South Wales, viewed 28 May 2013,

Feinberg, T n.d., Five-Year Career Development Plan, viewed 28 May 2013,,

Business Skills -- Personal Evaluation Demonstrate Effective
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 93333893
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Business Skills -- Personal Evaluation

Demonstrate effective communication skills

• I have expanded my vocabulary to include standard practical and theoretical business concepts and I have increased my proficiency with digital technology communications media. I have learned how to coordinate my vocabulary, language, and persuasion efforts to specific audiences depending on whether they are laypeople, professionals, colleagues, or strangers. This skill is extremely important within the military, in particular, because communications that are standard among service members are often incomprehensible to civilians and because civilian communications may be too imprecise to convey the minimum necessary information and distinctions typically communicated best through highly specialized terminology.

• I have improved my ability to use email and other forms of technology to communicate in a professional manner. That also includes a greater understanding of the manner in which different communications media typically require the communicator to consider how various communications efforts might…

Curriculum Books Have Been Written Since the
Words: 3875 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59141556
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curriculum books have been written since the turn of the [20th] century; each with a different version of what 'curriculum' means (Ackerman, 1988). I define classroom curriculum design as the sequencing and pacing of content along with the experiences students have with that content. My use of the qualifier classroom is important. By definition, I am considering those decisions regarding sequencing, pacing, and experiences that are the purview of the classroom teacher. Some aspects of curricular design are addressed at the school level if, in fact, a school has a guaranteed and viable curriculum. egardless of the direction provided by the school (or district), individual teachers still need to make decisions regarding curricular design at the classroom level given the unique characteristics of their students. Indeed, in a meta-analysis involving 22 studies, Anderson, (2003) found a strong relationship between a student's knowledge and experience with content and the type of…


Ackerman, P.L. (1988). Determinants of individual differences during skill acquisition: Cognitive abilities and information processing. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 117(3), 288-318.

Anderson, J. (2003). The architecture of cognition. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

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Orwell in Why I Write
Words: 1573 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10263533
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Orwell presents a rather romantic picture of the life of a writer. A writer is someone who is driven internally, psychically, spiritually. The desire to write might initially be due to an admiration of a famous author, or a personal affection for the Harry Potter books. Or, the desire to write might be due to a want of recognition, fame, or even fortune. Writing can be used as a weapon as with bitter letters to politicians or ex-girlfriends.

Some writing is purely journalistic in tone, whereas other writing is all fluff. With his characteristic humor, Orwell takes a dig at journalists when he states, "Serious writers, I should say, are on the whole more vain and self-centered than journalists, though less interested in money." The essay "Why I Write" is an effective piece of prose because the author is credible, and bolsters his argument with humility as well as…


Orwell, George. Animal Farm. Signet, 1996.

Orwell, George. "Why I Write." Retrieved online:

Negotiation as a Leadership Skill
Words: 1828 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8390256
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Negotiation: A Required Skill in Leadership

Negotiation as a Leadership Skill


A Required Skill in Leadership


A Required Skill in Leadership

The purpose of this work is to write a memorandum to a colleague describing the characteristics of effective leaders for the public sector in the 21st century. Included will be negotiation and mediation skills and the reasons that these characteristics are important in today's leaders. In the work of Michael E. Siegel on Leadership in American Presidents presented is a "model of effective leadership based on a four-part framework used to analyze the performance of three recent American presidents" stated to be Carter, Reagan, and ush. The framework reportedly can be utilized by leaders as well as managers in the public and private sector organizations in self-analysis as to performance in what is stated to be "four critical areas of leadership." Siegel (2001) This is particularly true…


Braham, Barbara (2004) Negotiation Tips: Skills Techniques & Strategies for Effective Negotiation 

Howard Gardner "Using Multiple Intelligence to Improve Negotiation Theory and Practice." Negotiation Journal October 2000: 321-324.

Katheleen M. Eisenhardt, Jean L. Kahwajy and L.J Bourgeois III "How management teams can have a good Fight" Harvard Business Review. July-Aug 1997.

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Group Leadership Skills
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GOUP LEADESHIP SKILLS refer to the ability of a leader to manage a group in a manner that ensures maximum cooperation between group members and helps each make significant contribution for the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives. ecent studies in the field suggest that group leadership skills may differ from individual leadership but the essential core competencies probably remain the same. For this reason, let us first understand what leadership means and how crucial a role in plays in organizations today.

Fenton (1990) explains who a leader is: "Leaders stand out by being different. They question assumption and are suspicious of tradition. They seek out the truth and make decisions based on fact, not prejudice. They have a preference for innovation."

Leadership is therefore "an interactive process that influences, motivates, and elicits human potentialities in the pursuit of group goals or interests" (Sogunro, 1996, p. 31). The most damaging…


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Good Study Skills and Time Management
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workshop, the feelings that were created during the same, an evaluation of what was good or not good, an analysis of the marking criteria and a conclusion/action plan that ties up the loose ends and good points mentioned above. While it is possible to not glean the relevant points and important details of a workshop or other learning vehicle, the points to be taken from this particular learning opportunity were hard to miss.

Before getting into the minutia of what was learned and why it was so effective, it should first be defined and summarized what reflection is and how it is relevant when it comes to study skills and the like. Indeed, it is entirely possible to become so enraptured and engrossed in classwork and the other common activities of school life while at the same time not gaining and keeping the proper perspective about the process, what could…


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Foundational Skills Graduate Program If Trouble Translating
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foundational skills graduate program. If trouble translating ideas paper, evaluate analysis ideas. Clear, structured, concise writing free grammar spelling errors essential. For discussion, read writing sample provided propose improve writing.

Critiquing a piece of writing: Death penalty response

Perhaps the first, most obvious critique of this piece of writing is that the author's position on the issue of capital punishment is extremely unclear. The author begins by stating that America is one of the only nations in the world that still executes its citizens, suggesting he or she is opposed to the death penalty. The author compares the U.S. To ussia and China, two nations with terrible human rights records. True, if ussia and China continue to execute criminals, this hardly speaks well of the practice -- but the author at first seems to imply that the U.S. is worse than these two nations, stating that the U.S. executes more…


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