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I am stuck on how to write a thesis for my definition essay of organ donation. How do I begin? what do I say


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Organ donation is a process that allows a person to donate their organs to another person.  Most organ donation is done after death and can be accomplished either through a person choosing to be an organ donor or by survivors choosing to donate the organs.  However, there are some organ donations from living donors, such as kidney transplants.  To some people, organ donation is an ethical issue, however the ethical perspectives vary.  For some, it is an ethical violation to donate organs and may go against religious norms.  For others, it is unethical not to donate organs, when doing so could save a life.  This can make an essay on organ donation challenging, because there are so many different possible themes to explore.  Here are some of our ideas for thesis statements for a compelling essay about organ donation.

Organ donation should be mandatory because it is helpful to society, causes no harm to the deceased person, and can save lives.

Currently, it is illegal to engage in the sale of organs to people, but this is unethical; a person should be able to choose whether or not to sell their organs to others, even if doing so results in the death of the seller.

An adult should only be allowed on the organ recipient list if they signed up to be a donor through their state’s organ donor registry programs.

In a pro-life society, living organ donations should be mandatory, including kidney donations, blood donations, and bone marrow donations from potential donors, because while they cause a minor inconvenience and temporary harm to the donor they save the lives of the recipients.

If a person selects to become an organ donor, their family should not be able to object to that choice since a person has agency over their body, even in death.

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