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Need help finding sources for a paper I’m writing on the IT building blocks of the company IBM?


I need help finding sources for a paper I’m writing on the IT building blocks of the company IBM. The prompts from the assignment ask me to analyze the IT building blocks of IBM, distinguish between hardware and software, telecommunications and networking, and data resources. They also ask me to evaluate the issues inherent to IBM’s current IT operations.


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One of the best ways to find sources for a paper is to look to see if you can find any example papers online that discuss that topic. If so, you can go to their works cited/ bibliography sections and look through their sources. That may give you a good place to start. In our library of resources, we have an example essay on the IT building blocks of IBM.  Visit it to see the references it uses. We also have case studies on IBM, which can help you find sources for issues related to the company’s current operations. Of course, you can also go straight to the source. IBM provides reference information on its building blocks on its website.

You will find that IBM uses compute, storage, and network as its three main building blocks. So, you want to see how each of those building blocks relates to the topics the prompt asks you to address.  The company began with a strong emphasis on computing. In other words, it built on the strength of its computing power, which was largely linked to its hardware capabilities. As the internet took over computing, then it had to focus on networking, which was more of a mix of software and hardware. Now, with cloud storage being so important in the tech world, the focus is more on storage capabilities, particularly cloud storage. You want to keep those elements in mind as you analyze the role that the building blocks play in each part of the prompt.  

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