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Need help with a case study on family relationships?


How do I choose a topic and write an essay about two case studies so that I can identify issues, barriers to establishing effective partnerships, and possible strategies to strengthen relationships with all families using the service?


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Your assignment requires you to pick two case studies about family relationships.  You can select the case studies from your own experience or from articles.  At least one of the case studies needs to focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural considerations.  If you are going to use your personal experiences, you want to write out the case study to make it easier for you to reference.

Once you have selected the families you want to highlight in your case studies, you need to write the case studies.  Even if you are selecting a case study that you find online, you want to use the information contained in that case study to create your own study of the family.  Make sure to include socio-cultural factors and your own personal experience and biases when relevant.

I. History

A. Overview of the family

B. Presenting problem

C. Diagnostic

D. Behavioral

E. Relational

F. Changes over time

G. Treatments or interventions over time

II. Assessment

A. What process used? 

B. How did you collect information? 

C. Client’s current situation

1. Social 

a. Socio-cultural

1) Issues

2) Challenges

3) Barriers

b. Socio-economic

2. Personal

a. Work

b. Relationships

3. Relational

III. Treatment or Intervention

A. Goals

1. Priorities

2. Foundation

3. Progress

B. Describe Interventions

1. Intervention

2. Rationale

a. Socio-cultural influence

b. Background consideration

c. Revisit barriers and how the intervention overcomes them

IV. Client Social Support

A. Resources

1. Family

2. Friends

3. Work 

4. Community

B. Weaknesses

V. Evaluation 

A. Family’s outcome

B. Strategies used

C. How your own values, beliefs, and practices influenced the case study

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