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Need help with an essay outline including 3 competencies for a community relations job?


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Community relations is a catchall phrase that describes how a company or other organization relates to the stakeholders or communities with which it interacts.  Building positive community relations is important for companies, because communities can have a significant impact on business, even communities that contain a significant percentage of people who are not customers or suppliers.  It is often viewed in a negative context, with community relations only coming into the public discourse when an organization is experiencing problems with the community, such as in the context of police community relations.  However, it is important at all times and some of the best managed community relations occur in organizations where the community relations never become an issue.   Three competencies for a community relations job are: communication, interpersonal skills, and the ability to understand context.

Community Relations Job Essay Outline

I. Competencies for a community relations job

A. Communication skills

B. Interpersonal skills

C. Understanding context

II. Communication skills

A. Verbal communication skills

1. Telephone communication

2. In-person communication

3. Speeches and other prepared verbal communication

B. Written communication

1. Letters

2. Emails

3. Social media messages

C. Social media communication

1. Understanding what social media is used by stakeholders

2. Understanding the terms and conditions of each social media platform

3. Mastering slang and acronyms

4. Understanding communication patterns for social media

D. Non-verbal communication

1. Use of photos to convey messages

2. Use of memes

3. Video in various mediums

III. Interpersonal skills

A. Ability to interact with coworkers

B. Ability to interact with public

1. Listen more than talking

2. Convey a desired message

3. Gather information

C. Maintain professionalism

1. Monitor tone

2. Monitor language

IV. Understanding Context

A. Research background scenarios

B. Find out what factors could impact decision-making

C. Ask questions of stakeholders

D. Be able to explain context to other stakeholders

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