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Need help with essay topics on Visual Communications?

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Visual communication covers a wide array of topics and has become increasingly important in the modern world.  With people constantly attached to a smart device of some sort, marketers and others have a means of continuously influencing people through visual communication. Visual communication involves the use of graphics to quickly and efficiently effectuate communication.  If you have ever heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then you understand a little about visual communication.

Some topics to consider if you are writing an essay or a speech about visual communication include:

  1. The role of video as a means of visual communication in targeted advertisements.
  2. How infographics can convey written information in a way that makes it easier for an audience to understand than if that information was simply presented in writing.
  3. Does interactive content actually encourage user engagement, or does it discourage a certain segment of the targeted audience?
  4. Do demographics make a difference in the efficacy of certain types of visual communication and, if so, how can someone maximum these demographic differences in order to ensure that their message is as widespread as possible?
  5. How can animation be used effectively and in a way that resonates with an adult audience?
  6. Much has been made of hand signals in modern media, specifically in a political context and the use of white power hand signals by prominent politicians.  How are hand signals an example of visual communication and does the fact that they may not be clear to some people (the “ok” symbol is often explained away as simply meaning “ok” and not being meant as a sign of white power) dilute their relevance to targeted groups?
  7. What role does visual communication play in the spreading of propaganda?  Looking at posters from World War II, both for the United States and other allies and for the axis powers can provide some great material for this topic.
  8. The role of colors in visual communications.
  9. How shapes impact perception in visual communications.
  10. How much supporting text is too much for visual communications? 

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