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Need some topics for mixed method research in social sciences?


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The social sciences refer to any academic discipline that deals with human behavior.  The fields that generally fall under this rubric include economics, anthropology, psychology, sociology, political science, historiography, as well as certain types of culture-specific studies.  Mixed method research refers to a research methodology that mixes traditional quantitative and qualitative research designs and discussing both types of evidence or data while considering the takeaways or conclusions of the research. 

Some topics for mixed method research in social sciences are:

  1. Does the inclusion of minority police officers in a police force reduce the incidence of police brutality against minorities? 
  2. Are there common characteristics that describe people who are likely to believe in Bigfoot and people who believe in other cryptids?
  3. Are self-described feminist males more or less likely to have sexual assault offenses than males who self-describe as chauvinist? 
  4. Does the use of a foreign language when talking to members of their group of family in public increase an immigrant’s likelihood of facing harassment by others?
  5. What role has the de-legitimization of news providers played in the radicalization of the far-right in modern American politics? 
  6. What percentage of currently married people report that they knew they were going to marry their spouse within a month of their first meeting? 
  7. Do people from households with more children have a lower standard of living as adults than people from households with fewer children? 
  8. What role do brain injuries play in creating people who behave in a violent manner; is the believed correlation supported by the evidence?
  9. What percentage of LGBTQ+ adults reported having suicidal ideations as teenagers, and what percentage of those…

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