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Trying to figure out a title for my essay it’s about why dating apps are not ok I’m doing an argument essay?


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Given the popularity of online dating and dating apps, writing an argumentative essay against online dating is a good choice.  It is always more interesting to write a position paper that may be unusual, because it is unlikely to recycle the same arguments that your professor will see in other papers.  There is actually a myriad of reasons that online dating may not be as successful (or as safe) as traditional in-person dating, and any of these reasons could serve as the basis for an argumentative essay.  They include but are not limited to potential for dishonesty on dating sites, safety concerns because of no overlapping social networks, reduced decision-making to impressions from photos, bad decision-making, and online dating takes a longer time to weed out undesirable mates.  Our suggested essays titles will draw from those reasons and others.

Online Dating / Dating Apps Essay Titles

  1. Catfished and Confused: How Online Dating Increases Your Risk of Dating Fraud
  2. Wasting Time: Why It Takes Longer to Figure Out a Relationship Will Not Work in a Virtual Environment
  3. Your Place or Mine?  The Question is Complicated by Long Distances in Online Relationships
  4. How Online Dating Has Perpetuated the Hookup Culture and Killed…

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